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300 acre mixed use commercial/residential marina complex in KW? - 68 days ago

They should paint a really cool concept sign of the future development and place it out there. And then years later we can pass by the half fallen down sign and laugh. You know, like the one on 494.

If normal people- - 85 days ago

Current events? Hmmmm.... OK! Topic:Kim Kardashian Discussion: Should North Kardashian be allowed to wear red lipstick at five years old? [url=

Big City Wings - 85 days ago

This idea will make it. Just like 3B's finally figuring out that revolving restaurant location. Wings, beer and sports. Not hatch pepper cuisine from southwest New Mexico. Cool concept but we really j...

Mass shooting question - 113 days ago

For those of you that still believe "assault style" weapons are the only way to pull off "Las Vegas" type mass killings, you should familiarize your self with the case below. Luckily, the bomb was acc...

Mass shooting question - 132 days ago

I think we should ban pipe too. You know since the recent pipe bomb mailing incidents. Can't have any dangerous pipe in the hands of our citizens. Government! Please give us pipe control laws.

Mass shooting question - 132 days ago

[i]Again ATD, why are you feeding into the nonsense? Do you think if this guy had a knife 12 people would be dead, including a cop? How many people could the Las Vegas killer killed from his hot...

Mass shooting question - 133 days ago

[i]So you'd feel better if the shooter had a legitimately purchased fire arm vs an automatic fire arm? Kind of an ignorant question / statement. Makes me believe you really don't want a discussion. Ju...

Mass shooting question - 134 days ago

Why is it when mass shootings with non "assault" rifle guns are used, you hear crickets around here? I think I can answer it. Because assault rifles aren't the cause of mass shootings. Ban them and th...

Elizabeth Warren's DNS test results are out - 157 days ago


Elizabeth Warren's DNS test results are out - 157 days ago

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