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I joined this crazy place on 2013-01-14, 10 years ago.

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Seeing Dr. Michael Wynn - 6 years ago

I had an acquaintance that used Wynn and steered me away. I had surgery with Lepow and was pleased.

Yoga&Hops at Back Pew Brewery! - 6 years ago

I am so jealous - what could be better than this? I will be there after work tomorrow but will miss out on the yoga side! Cheers to your beers!

Driver hits kid riding skateboard - 6 years ago

According to my son, this is not uncommon. Our kids need to be careful on their bikes and skateboards - cars are not watching out for them. I am glad to hear that your son is okay.

NAIL SALON IN KW - 7 years ago

Need to know where to get my solar nails done. My nail lady left the nailspot and opened a shop in Champions - too far for me...

Chicken Coops in Kingwood? - 7 years ago

There are quite a few coops in the backyards of pine breeze and long leaf drive in Greentree. Roosters and all! Surprised the HOA hasnt investigated - there are several large sheds that you can see f...

NAIL SALON IN KW - 7 years ago

My nail lady opened her own shop near her home in Champions...Who does the best solar nails in KW?

Live music in KW? - 8 years ago

Thank you, been there and it's pretty cool.

Live music in KW? - 8 years ago

Where is the best place for beers and live music in Kingwood?

In honor of the Donald's likely presidential run - 8 years ago

HUGE FAN OF TRUMP - loved his speech and hope he is a Candidate. We are in trouble without some serious change.

Master Tailor - Kingwood Drive - 8 years ago

Love Master Tailor - you couldn't pry me away.

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