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I joined this crazy place on 2013-01-25, 6 years ago.

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Brown WAter - 3 years ago

DEQ - Department of Environmental Quality. This problem has been reported on multiple threads. I have already contacted the DEQ and they will be coming to investigate. http://www.click2houston....

Brown WAter - 3 years ago

There are multiple threads on this issue. I reported to the water department and they indicated that they would flush the line. Several days later the problem is re-appearing. My next step maybe to...

Water discoloration - 3 years ago

I live in the Woodspring Forest subdivision and noticed that the water is brackish in color in my bathtub. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks and have a blessed day.

Reported Rape incident - Woodspring Forest Dr - 3 years ago

The main key here is to see if there is a rapist on the lose. Nothing more and nothing less. I met with the local authorities and they informed me that there is nothing to worry about. This was p...

Reported Rape incident - Woodspring Forest Dr - 3 years ago

Actually I have a wife and daughter and I am concerned about their safety since I live in the same block. [i]SleightOfHand - "It's none of your business"[/i] Would it be your business if it ha...

According to the bible - 3 years ago

I thought that Judas was banned from here and instructed to get a real job?

Holy Yoga of Kingwood - 3 years ago

Sorry. Nothing holy about yoga. It is steeped in Middle Eastern paganism. Just try basic stretching and reading your Bible. :-) Better results guaranteed.

Reported Rape incident - Woodspring Forest Dr - 3 years ago

Does anyone have any information about this

Term or Whole Life Insurance - 5 years ago

TERM is fine as long as you save up the money for when it expires.

Birds in attic - 5 years ago

Does anyone know of a good reputable company to remove wild life from the attic?

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