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Two 15 YO's Died Yesterday in a Murder/Suicide - 14 hours ago

fuzz has a very valid point - conservatives in the US focus on thoughts and prayers, and not an actual discussion on gun violence in the US. This country is becoming numb to the death and destructio...

Rafael Cruz has close ties to starting the caravan - 3 days ago

[i]Face to face people most would back down when confronted with their own hypocrisy. [/i] Truer words have never spoken on this board.

Trump's pretzel logic - 3 days ago

And in today's President Pretzel logic - October 11, 2018 on Fox and Friends: "I can tell you Matt Whitaker's a great guy. I mean, I know Matt Whitaker." November 9, 2018: "Matt Whitaker. I do...

Flori DUH Here we go again - 3 days ago

lmao What are Republicans so afraid of, to count every vote? Gillum pulled his concession, and state law requires a recount. I thought y'all were all about following the rule of law.

Mass shooting question - 4 days ago

The reason you're hearing crickets is because the shooter was a white male. That's it. If he were brown or Muslim, there would be a thread three pages long discussing how dangerous immigrants ...

How about them women? - 5 days ago

Native American. Refugee. Muslim. Gay. Democratic Socialist. Over 100 women were elected to the House of Representatives. Overwhelmingly, women put them there. Jordan Davis' mom flippe...

Elected - 6 days ago


Interesting perspective on the border situation - 7 days ago

What I find interesting is that conservatives typically respond with the old "pull yourselves up by your bootstraps" but seem to be quiet on men like this. Jason Robinson is mad at the wrong peopl...

Marketing a Business - 7 days ago

No one implied the human touch was a no go. Parents are very busy, specifically those with small children. Purchasing roses to hand out to parents who will drop, lose, forget said rose will end up b...

Marketing a Business - 8 days ago

Nix the rose idea. It's almost 2019. Fuzz is spot on. Top of mind awareness is crucial. It takes the average customer 22 times of seeing a business/logo etc. before they remember said business. ...

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