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I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-03, 6 years ago.

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Has Anyone Done A Mail In DNA Test? - 13 hours ago

Yep. Irish, German, Turkish, North African, Danish. Was super excited to learn I wasn't just the boring Irish-German I thought we were.

Death Penalty Supporters - 3 days ago

Literally no one supports "on demand abortions at any stage." And I find it odd that those that are so adamantly against women's right to make medical decisions based on what is best for THEM, and...

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 5 days ago

[i]They wonder why they get iced. Fuzz just called the mod stupid and biased (which isn't true), so he's gone. [/i] And the mod says [i]Yeah I wouldn't worry if I was you, you're gutless and a ...

Trump melting down on twitter - 26 days ago

[i]I guess if you were unjustly accused of doing something for 2 years you would just meekly sit by and do nothing. The President has every right to be mad. He was unjustly accused of doing something ...

LET's STOP USING every version of hyphenated AMERICAN!!! - 31 days ago

lol white boys always have to be offended by something

Release the Mueller report - 35 days ago

If the report cleared trump, he would make a copy for every person in this country and airdrop them.

Colorful Mexican ceramic planters where to buy - 35 days ago

There is a guy that brings pottery back from Mexico and you can always find him somewhere along 1960 with his truck/trailer on weekends. I have several of his pieces and even after years, they are sti...

President Trump back the democrats and sanctuary cities/states into a corner. - 35 days ago

I'm confused. Will trump be sending them back to "Mexico" or to American sanctuary cities, like Houston? Sanctuary city mayors and citizens have already come out in support of this action. [i]...

It's over - 58 days ago

I’m always impressed when a bunch of yokels from Kingwood act like they have insider knowledge.

white nationalism has become a world wide plague - 66 days ago

[i]This has nothing to do with Trump.[/i] You should read the manifesto. You wouldn't say such inane things.

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