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I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-26, 4 years ago.

» save Judas as my FRIEND - HOSER

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. -- Ernest Hemingway

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Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 6 days ago

More like a fake president.

Who locked my topic? - 6 days ago

I guess it is a power trip. They can decide who can start topics and who can't and if you unlock they can power trip further by then icing the individual ffs ENTER SSFG TO MOAN ABOUT MY TOPICS YE...

Who locked my topic? - 6 days ago

I did not unlock it. It is still locked.

Who locked my topic? - 6 days ago

Is there a new rule about how many topics one can create per day? If so, where does it state that? I am all for following posted rules but let's be fair about enforcing them, SSFG.

Who locked my topic? - 6 days ago Why is my political topic being locked yet those of other posters who constantly post them like Karras are not locked? WTF More bia...

The small horse - 6 days ago

Is Esquala SSFG's alt? Mutt, what kind of illegal animal are you trying to smuggle into Kingwood? LOL

Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 6 days ago

[i]Ura - that is a "fake meme" he doesn't look anything like that !!! [/i] Head from 50 years ago when he was 20. Body from never since he never buttons his suit or wears ties of any color but...

One of Trump's Collusion Buddies Kills Himself after admitting collusion - 6 days ago

A GOP donor and opposition researcher who said he tried to work with Russian hackers to retrieve deleted emails from a private server used by Hillary Clinton, has died in a suicide, according to publi...

Let Donnie Junior Get his Story straight - 6 days ago


Former Clinton Running mate and sometime Catholic wants to put Trump, Jr. to death - 7 days ago

[i]Standard reply from the left when they can't refute what you say. Once again, what law did Junior break? [/i] *yawn* Standard reply from the right when they don't know the answer to anythign...

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