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I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-26, 6 years ago.

» save Judas as my FRIEND - HOSER

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. -- Ernest Hemingway

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Trump doesn't believe in the Balance of Power - 97 days ago


Dumpty's talks with his BFF Kim FAIL - 97 days ago


Canada has a higher average IQ than the US - 97 days ago


Tucker Carlson defends child rape on audio recording - 97 days ago


Atheists have higher IQs - 97 days ago


TRUMP WINS ONCE MORE!!! - 97 days ago

Attention anti-VAXXERS - 97 days ago

Attention anti-VAXXERS - 97 days ago

[i]So?[/i] LOL! How about you foot their bill instead of us taxpayers?! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. [i]I'm sure the tax payers are going to end up paying for the parents stupidit...

Attention anti-VAXXERS - 100 days ago

Oregon just had its first case of tetanus in a child in more than three decades the CDC reports. [b] An unvaccinated child contracted tetanus. It took two months and more than $800,000 to save him.[/...

THANK GOD!!! TRUMP - RE-ELECTED in 2020!!!! - 100 days ago

Trump and god are one and the same. He autographs bibles. Has he autographed yours?

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