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Magick Me

I joined this crazy place on 2013-06-23, 6 years ago.

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I live in Kingwood, I am Pagan looking to make some friend on this side of town so I do not have to have my entire social network in the SW or in Spring. I have a lot to share and teach and so much more I want to learn. I am Wiccan! Please do not consider this a invitation to have religious debates with me. It's simple I am looking for a few good pagan friends to do my thing with.

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Lost Gold Ring Halloween Night Haven Pines Hill Springs - 118 days ago

Hi, I took my grandson trickertreating on Hill Springs and Haven Pines and Village Manor. I lost my gold ring, if you find it in the yard or the street will you please call me at 713-269-8459 or 281-7...

Tarot Meet-up - 5 years ago

Kingwood- If you are a long time card reader or if you are just learning or want to learn, I am starting a class/discussion group. Contact me if interested. Thanks

Anyone want ot start a pagan meet up in Kingwood - 6 years ago

if you are interested text 713-269-8459 Sandra

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

yeah and who here wants to argue that yesterday was the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, been celebrated, since before Christianity, the farmers still use it, even the Christian ones, its...

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

Jl-Again I am here to meet people not have a debate with people, and the people I am looking for know who they are.

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

JL- you are the one that assumes that when someone says pagan they do not know Jesus(you jump to conclusions read your own words)

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

Leather, Happy Summer Solstice to you as well and thank you for the welcome to KU

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

btw I love your Jesus too

Pagan Group in Kingwood - 6 years ago

I love everyone and hope that there will be a day that I can look for my people without someone trying to convert me

NAME CHANGE: *a2911945uu* is now *Magick Me* - 6 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

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