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I joined this crazy place on 2013-08-31, 4 years ago.

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New Caney High School journalism and technology teacher.

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1st Anniversary Harvey - Event - 2 days ago

Out of the Flood and Into the River of God - Prayer Event. Aug. 25, 2018, Houston Holiday Inn Express (Katy Fwy), 6PM-9PM. Free [url=]Houston Prayer EVENT[/url]

Racism, Fascism, Democratic Party - 4 days ago

[i]Like Michael Moore??[/i] I liked Bowling for Columbine (until the end). Moore did not handle the Charleston Heston interview ethically. Heston had aged and was suffering from Alzheimers whe...

Omarosa's new book - 5 days ago

This has become an amazing circus. I watched her last night go back and forth about how wonderful Trump is, then doing an about face and saying he was a racist. The played some of her secret recor...

Racism, Fascism, Democratic Party - 5 days ago

Another good review of the film from an African American writer. The film is pretty moving. [url=]Death of a Nation Review[/url]

Racism, Fascism, Democratic Party - 6 days ago

I was a little puzzled about why DSouza picked the name Death of a Nation, for his new documentary. As a young film student beginning graduate school in the mid 70's I studied Birth of a Nation by ...

Summer Rockfest @ Bull Sallas - 18 days ago

Thanks for the invitation to meet lots of nice people from North Houston and Montgomery County. I enjoyed interviewing the bands. [url=]Summ...

Very Moving - 87 days ago

Video produced by some former New Caney video students from the class of 2017. [url=]Baptism Video[/url]

KSBJ History - 100 days ago

A look back at the history and staff of KSBJ & KTRM through the years, from longtime KSBJ employee Jim Becka. [url=]KSBJ/KTRM Documentary...

KSBJ History - 115 days ago

I found some old video/photos taken behind the scenes of the guys who put KSBJ together. I thought it might be nice to introduce them.

KSBJ History - 116 days ago

I met lots of dedicated people there while working (at KSBJ) as a DJ/Producer for 20 years and decided to something with all the photos and video. You will get to meet some of the behind the scenes...

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