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I joined this crazy place on 2013-08-31, 5 years ago.

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New Caney High School journalism and technology teacher.

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Fake News VS Journalism - 17 days ago

A look at declining journalism standards from a classroom perspective. [url=

Beto Thanks Iran - 88 days ago

The money for Beto is pouring in through J Street (From Iran.

Beto Thanks Iran - 88 days ago


Beto & Abortion - 88 days ago

The argument is made that it is 'my body'. But, the person often making the decision is immature. The people making money, like Planned Parenthood, are only interested in the money they will make. ...

Christians & Jews Are Invited - 90 days ago

We are in a special time for both Christians and Jews. I will take you through the feast days Jesus observed. You are welcome to observe them and teach them to your children. I will be going through ...

Beto & Abortion - 102 days ago

[i]Who protects the rights of the unborn American Citizen??[/i] Late term abortions are pretty simple. It is murder. But, first term issues are more complex. But, ultimately (like the NYT says) ...

Beto & Abortion - 102 days ago

[i]So, if the fetus is a woman, doesn't that mean she doesn't have control over her body if she is aborted??[/i] That actually raises an interesting point. Japan performs many abortions. But, the ...

Beto & Abortion - 102 days ago

[i]A woman has decision making power over her body - to the exclusion of all others.?[/i] So you feel a baby can be born, even though it can survive on its own outside the womb? Very sad....But...

Democrat Jack Brooks - 102 days ago

A couple of days ago I thought about the day I sat on a bench talking with Jack Brooks. Nixon nicknamed him the "Executioner" because he wrote the Articles of Impeachment for Nixon. Brooks would not f...

Beto & Abortion - 102 days ago

[i]The New York Times (Not exactly a conservative publication) did a recent article admitting the Democratic party has adopted radical views about abortion, on demand at any point of a pregnancy. ...

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