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Forbidden Scripture: Isaiah 53

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JimBecka 2

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JimBecka --- 234 days ago -

A couple of years out of high school, I moved to Jerusalem and became friends with the “Garden Tomb” tour guide. I visited him a couple of times each week and we drank Lemonade together in the garden (I lived 100 yards behind the Damascus Gate). I also began learning Hebrew. In retirement, I began teaching Hebrew on the internet (Free).

Many tourists to Jerusalem see the Great Isaiah Scroll exhibit on the Hebrew University Campus as a great tourist attraction, like the Eiffel Tower or Alamo. But, it’s more than that. The ancient words are alive!!

The first part of my video gives you an idea of what Biblical Hebrew sounds like (spoken). The second part will be a little difficult, but you may find it interesting. I break down the Hebrew, word-for-word.

I chose Isaiah 53: 5 for the lesson because it has been debated in Judaism for 2,000 years. Was the prophet talking about a coming "suffering" Messiah? See what the Dead Sea words say (I.E., Remember, the Dead Sea Scrolls were written 200 years before Jesus).

My Hebrew materials are self-paced and you can begin at anytime. You don't need a password or permission. Shabat Shalom!!. 

JimBecka --- 234 days ago -

Isaiah Hebrew Lesson 

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