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I joined this crazy place on 2013-08-31, 4 years ago.

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New Caney High School journalism and technology teacher.

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Very Moving - 29 days ago

Video produced by some former New Caney video students from the class of 2017. [url=]Baptism Video[/url]

KSBJ History - 42 days ago

A look back at the history and staff of KSBJ & KTRM through the years, from longtime KSBJ employee Jim Becka. [url=]KSBJ/KTRM Documentary...

KSBJ History - 57 days ago

I found some old video/photos taken behind the scenes of the guys who put KSBJ together. I thought it might be nice to introduce them.

KSBJ History - 58 days ago

I met lots of dedicated people there while working (at KSBJ) as a DJ/Producer for 20 years and decided to something with all the photos and video. You will get to meet some of the behind the scenes...

Invite To Prague - 68 days ago

[url= ]Atheist Finds the Lord[/url]

Invite To Prague - 68 days ago

You are Invited: I will retire from teaching (at NCHS) in three months and am planning on traveling to the Czech Republic in September. I will be part of an army of Christians bringing Christ to th...

Is Fake News Fake? - 163 days ago

[i]It's scaring the hell out of me- no one is interested in the truth- not either side- where does that take us?[/i] I'm quite concerned. I understand politics encourages conflict, but I feel journ...

Is Fake News Fake? - 163 days ago

Remember several months ago when the White House Press Secretary (Spicer) was asked if he tells the truth at press briefings? It was a strange moment for journalists with formal training. The question...

Legendary Evangelist - 171 days ago

A look back at the ministry of Buddy Hicks, great minister and leader of the Jesus Movement. [url=]Buddy Hicks - Leader of Youthquake[/url]...

Does God Listen - 199 days ago

I don't people over the head with religion, but I believe we are here for a reason. Not merely to eat, breathe, and sleep.

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