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I joined this crazy place on 2015-01-26, 3 years ago.

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I'm terribly lost, need help.... - 91 days ago

I'm captain of a class 3 delta star cruiser, and I came out of a worm hole too early. I'm trying to find the planet Dextron 2, where they make transmission fluid.

Lost Tortoise in Fosters Mill - 91 days ago

I bet its over 70 years old?

How many from Kingwood have offered help? - 177 days ago

I have a chainsaw and helped neighbors clear a huge downed tree. Not for the neighbor's convenience, but for emergency route, etc.

More Russian connection - 209 days ago

If you like your birth certificate, you can keep your birth certificate......

HS Science Team names Rocket after Trump, because "It Conquers All" - 237 days ago

They were misguided. Trump didn't conquer all, he's just making things right. And undoing the damage done by our previous leader.

Space stuff - 237 days ago

My gramma blew her wood leg off while repairing solar panels on the space station. It should re-enter earth's atmosphere on Friday over france somewhere. Any help appreciated.

What an embarrassment - 237 days ago

And the reporter used twitter to harass the president. Is there any way I can mentor you to save you from yourself?

you're just as guilty- - 247 days ago

Politics are an emotional issue. Everyone has been pretty much civil in their comments. If there's a disaster in Kingwood, hurricane, etc I would help my neighbor to the point of risking my life. And ...

Fox News falling behind MSNBC and CNN in viewers - 276 days ago

SO Fuzz81, exactly what is the classified material, that was released to the Russians? And which Russians by name?

Comey was about to bust Trumpty - 286 days ago

[i]Question to Trump supporters:Are we great yet? [/i] Yes, actually we are.

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