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How many from Kingwood have offered help?

who's talking here?

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vernsgirl --- 323 days ago -

The mayor's office and disaster agency just asked the public for help because ALL of the states rescue resources are being used to the limits and Houston needs more help.

How many people in Kingwood have flat bottom boats that they could offer help?? You just have to call the local police and ask them for the number that was just posted on ABC13KTRK news. And YES, if I Had a boat I'd be on my way! 

andreweggplant --- 323 days ago -

Me too... there may be a situation in KW lakes were an elderly couple needs somebody help. Trying to get details 

TinktheSprite --- 323 days ago -

I guess you really should ask how many from Kingwood have flat bottom boats? 

a3514905uu --- 323 days ago -

Would a kayak be of any use? 

a3514905uu --- 323 days ago -

Are there people in Humble needing help? 

vernsgirl --- 323 days ago -

The kayak comment was insensitive and privelged 

TinktheSprite --- 323 days ago -

Why? I have a kayak. It could be a two-person kayak. You never know. Kayaks can travel in extra low water 

vernsgirl --- 323 days ago -

So are you headed down there or just going to stay on KU and argue??? 

TinktheSprite --- 323 days ago -

You know nothing about kayaks obviously. I don't have a two-person Kayak or a flat bottom boat. But I did feed the turtles in the bayou. 

TinktheSprite --- 323 days ago -

You know nothing about kayaks obviously. I don't have a two-person Kayak or a flat bottom boat. But I did feed the turtles in the bayou. 

RedMulch --- 323 days ago -

Vernsgirl needs to shut up or help one or the other. 

Dorothy Parker --- 323 days ago -

I don't have a boat, if I did, I would definitely help! 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 323 days ago -

I have a flat bottom. 

Barnstormer --- 323 days ago -

I have a chainsaw and helped neighbors clear a huge downed tree. Not for the neighbor's convenience, but for emergency route, etc. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 323 days ago -

vernsgirl --- 6 hours ago - quote - hide comments
The kayak comment was insensitive and privelged

Really? I thought it was meant as generous offer- 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 323 days ago -

Amazing how trolls know no bounds of bad taste.

Im Incognito --- 323 days ago -

You are right!!! 

vernsgirl --- 322 days ago -

Bunch of jerks. Make fun and sarcasm in your privileged little lives. Thank you for those who are being serious. And I AM helping tremendously in any way I can. I posted here to let people here know that if they have the boats that are needed you could help tremendously.

Carry on with your trolling Tink 

nw0rbrolyat --- 322 days ago -

God you all suck. There are actually people doing work out there while yall sit on the internet and argue whos comments mean the most. See yall out there in the morning. 

a5831461uu --- 322 days ago -

I was evacuated from the Harbor Cove Apartment complex today (down by Sharkeys). There were 2 men who took us to safety with their private boat. There were young men and women helping to get us out of the boats and into a pick up truck. They drove us to dry land, then we were bussed to St Martha's on Woodland Hills Dr, where volunteers gave us towels, food, water and a ride to a relative's home. A volunteer even offered to house us for the night. MANY people were out, helping their neighbors today and I am eternally grateful!!!! 

DVaz --- 322 days ago -

Shoot and eat it. 

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