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Dorothy Parker

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 7 years ago.

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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” ― Dorothy Parker

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Now Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault - 4 days ago

Trump took to Twitter to bash Franken, but hasn't said a word about Moore. He's making this a partisan issue when it is not. Another way for him to further divide the country.

Now Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault - 4 days ago

No one will get a pass in the current climate and I'm sure we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

A sheriff gone too far - 4 days ago

I agree with Jackass. If the sentiment was toward Hillary Clinton, people would applaud, not complain. The same people who are so offended by comments against Trump, were the loudest, rudest critics o...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 5 days ago

She is serious. I don't know how you would prove such a case or try and ban people from having children based on their medical history. I believe in the case of the Sandy Hook shootings, had he no...

sexually assaulting a minor? - 5 days ago

It doesn't surprise me that you would give him the benefit of the doubt, because he represents your political views. He is no different than any of the other scumbags who've been brought to light,...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 6 days ago

I'm so glad he couldn't get into the school. The quick thinking of the staff and the procedures in place saved lives.

sexually assaulting a minor? - 6 days ago

None of the women who came forward knew each other, some of them are Republican and say they voted for Trump, they've interviewed former coworkers of Moore from that time who said it was well known he...

sexually assaulting a minor? - 8 days ago

Of all the sexual assault cases coming forward, this guy is the only one being defended. No one is rallying around Weinstein or Spacey, but THIS GUY? This guy is different. 🙄

KU really is a ghost town these days... - 12 days ago

Agree! Chili and Chicken and Dumplings recipes...yum!

Brad and Angie - 12 days ago

Can't disagree with you, there, Prolix. I realize celebrity worship has always existed, going back to the days of Vaudeville. I just don't understand the appeal. Especially when it comes to the negati...

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