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ugly yapper dog

I joined this crazy place on 2015-02-19, 6 years ago.

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Tuition Free College- Who pays for that? - 4 years ago

No Emp, I used the term "brand name" because "brand" usually refers to the marketing of something based on a frivolous concept of quality based on name. For example, UT may have great curriculum and p...

Tuition Free College- Who pays for that? - 4 years ago

A quick googling and I found a 4 yr degree at good schools for $22,000 total in tuition. There was one 4 year university that didnt offer many programs but was priced at $19,000/4years. If I put some...

Clinton email probe officially closed. Flood warning due to GOP tears. - 4 years ago

This sucks for the democrats. And maybe the country... There was still time to get out of this soviet style 1 candidate election and put a real candidate up there who had a chance of challenging Trump...

Why is bleach so expensive? - 4 years ago

Inflation. Everythings gone up significantly in price. Dont underestimate all these trillions in complex bailouts to the banksters.

Warren on Trump... - 4 years ago

[url=]Warren eviscerates Trump[/url] This video is better because it doesnt cut out some of the hypocritical things the other video does. She says... "...

TRUMP gets a TELEPROMPTER!!!! - 4 years ago

People dont appreciate honesty as much these days. I mean he talks about a white judge and it makes him racist. The American people have spoken and what they like in their presidential candidates is ...

Donald Trump SKEWERED from ALL SIDES for "racist" judge attack - 4 years ago

Mexican isnt a race. Therefore no matter what teump says about Mexicans it's not racist.

ALASKAN BEAR TRAGEDY... - 4 years ago

Ha! Bearack Obearma! Sounds like a bearrorist name to me.

Observation about KU - 4 years ago

I think we should drink everytime someone posts "lmfao"

A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America - 4 years ago

Most the 3rd world dictatorships on the planet were built on the peace of the citizenry, thats why they're dictatorships. This country was built on violence of the citizenry. It's not a bad thing, it...

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