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I joined this crazy place on 2015-02-28, 2 years ago.

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Lawn Service - 20 hours ago

Looked in PMs Cannot find the message... Please resend it.

Lawn Service - 21 hours ago

Have you called Econocuts? PM me if you need the phone number.

Congratulations to my SIL - 22 hours ago

[i]Senior enlisted are the back bone of the Navy - good ones keep their JO's out of trouble, and good JO's know it !!! [/i] Any decent officer in any service - knows this - and relies seriously on ...

Scanning The Board Titles... - 1 days ago

[b]Just get rid of the 12-year olds - and [u]teeny boppers[/u], PLEASE!!![/b] Just looked at the ICEBOX...all the true squirrels are in there now...LOL

We don't have to believe - all we have to do is watch what happens - 2 days ago

[i]I hope and pray that at some point soon the world stands up against and eliminates the cancerous spread of islam.?[/i] Or...the spread of racist attitudes, which contribute to the spread of enti...

"Devil" to meet the Pope... - 2 days ago

[b]AND...per usual, you are INCORRECT,[/b]

"Devil" to meet the Pope... - 2 days ago

You are correct, as

"Devil" to meet the Pope... - 2 days ago

Change "the USDA" to "the USA." Sorry, 'mia culpa...'

Monday Event at Kingwood Lowes - 2 days ago

Maybe - it was a fire

New REGIONS BANK has very POOR Customer Service - 3 days ago

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