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I joined this crazy place on 2015-02-28, 4 years ago.

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ACE hardware - 13 days ago

...and their truck still has an "Ace Hardware" logo in the door...WTH???

The Time Has Come - 13 days ago

As an Open-Minded voter, please tell me one thing he has accomplished??? Thank You...


[b]Being gay is a lifestyle choice.[/b] Bob, that rates a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5. Great logical deduction. Keep up the great work...

Make Amerika Great... - 74 days ago

[b]Fail u...Pro-Fail... [/b] Enjoy thise Pub junk!!!

Make Amerika Great... - 74 days ago

[url=]Here you go...[/url]

KW Drive construction??? - 75 days ago

When will it start? Where will it be? How long will it last? What days and hours are affected? TIA...

Grand Opening in Porter,Texas - 75 days ago

Do you have a website or price list yet?

Make Amerika Great... - 75 days ago

[img][/img] [b] How wonderful... [/b]

Do you have experience with CLG Contracting or Claude Guillemette? - 80 days ago

I would suggest that you have a reference from them that can be verified... You [b]are not responsible [/b]to research each contractor, unless, as a minimum, they provide verifiable references, fir...

Home owner rules regarding trash bins - 84 days ago

Call your HOA, Get your trash company info, and inquire there. Hopefully this is helpful...

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