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Blow Joe

I joined this crazy place on 2015-05-28, 3 years ago.

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This place is dying - 315 days ago

since the Lunatic liberals have infected it has gone only in one direction[img][/img] there was a time posts were 30-50 hour. ...

Book says "Trump met with Russians at raunchy party" - 316 days ago

just more fake liberal BS you like to post

Florida Shooter was a Trump Supporter. - 336 days ago

More stupid liberal crap

Dow Jones going down fast - 336 days ago

I find it hard to believe that you are actually as stupid as your posts.

Special Counsel Indictments Coming Down LMFAO - 336 days ago

Ignorant missinformed typical liberal bs

Dow Jones going down fast - 347 days ago

[i]Anyone with any brain has known that it's been over inflated since Trumpty Dump took the helm with his shakey fists. [/i] its a correction numnuts. anyone with half a brain knows that

I had a dream about Trump last night - 347 days ago

[i]Did he grab your you know what? Your kitty part. [/i] stupid comment

VERY very old info still posted - 355 days ago

[i]It is not being updated with newer information because the posting pool here is limited to 7 boring posters nowadays. Thanks, Sag. [/i] because this site is only a former shadow of the awesome ...

Can someone explain to me what exactly is wrong with "chain migration?" - 355 days ago

brings in millions more criminal illegals that always vote with the demcrats

Bitcoin - Free eBook - 363 days ago

Absolutely despise miners. Killed the pc building game

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