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What say you about Trump signing in the Tariff for steel?

who's talking here?

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What say you about Trump signing in the Tariff for steel?

IMO, it's a bad idea, because it'll raise the price for any company using aluminum, steel, etc. to make their products- then the consumer will get hit- all in all a bed idea- (at least Canada and Mexico are exempt.)

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 1 years ago -


Blow Joe --- 1 years ago -


AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 1 years ago -

I'm not sure why there aren't any opinions on this, because the Republicans are against it, for the most part- I'm not trying to stir the pot, I think it's a really good question because I can see why it could be a good thing and a bad thing- maybe no one wants a conversation that's two sided to both parties- (no big surprise there, I guess) Maybe i should have made it s a one sided attack on Trump, I'll bet all the liberals would be right on board- 

jackass --- 1 years ago -

Or somehow tie Hillary?s emails to it and the republicans could understand it... 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

I'm not sure yet. On one hand, I like the idea of independence on products we use a lot of and should manufacture ourselves but for the cost to produce it here, vs China or Mexico or whatever. It's cheap in other places but we will produce jobs here, the cost will go up and that's the down side...

It is the same with other things, like oil. We have gotten use to everything being about price...but is that really where our focus should be? Or should it be jobs and independence? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

I wonder why nothing was debated when Obama put a tariff on steel in 2016. It seems anything he did was okay and if Pres Trump does the same thing it's not okay. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 1 years ago -

Who cares? I just thought it would make for an intelligent conversation- obviously, that's not possible. (BTW, this is NOT an attack on Trump! Please stop making it a partisan issue, it isn't!) 

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