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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-19, 9 years ago.

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Clinton Foundation-Russia Uranium Deal - 56 min ago

[i]Why is that they are always actually doing what they falsely accuse their opponents of? And how come no one ever believes it? Stupid much? [/i] Why are politicians hypocrites you mean?? And ...

Medical Marijuana? - 8 hours ago

[i]If you walk on the beaches in California, they have a "Just Walk In" sign guarentees they will make it "legal" for a number of things.[/i] It?s legal in your homework.

Medical Marijuana? - 1 days ago


Samsung S6 Edge phone screen repair - 2 days ago


Ben Afleck Apologizes for breast grabbing incident - 3 days ago

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 4 days ago

[i] What the anti-gun lobby doesn't realize is once you lose one "right" others soon follow.[/i] Your rights are only perceptions. You have no rights at all in reality.

Can you imagine if Obama threatened to shut down Fox news - 7 days ago


I bet this guy wishes he could take a knee - 7 days ago

200 thousand Amish don?t stand for the national anthem...8 million jehovas witnesses don?t salute the black guy takes a knee and the armchair patriots lose their Now you know wh...

Can you imagine if Obama threatened to shut down Fox news - 7 days ago

Evidence of any Soros funded groups? I?ll wait...

Kingwood housing market - 7 days ago

It did.

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