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The Odd Job Specialist

I joined this crazy place on 2015-08-07, 2 years ago.

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Nice and christian like.

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We build Custom Cabinets - 56 days ago

We are a small company and only take on one or two jobs at a time to provide quality workmanship to you the homeowner. We can build any custom cabinets to match your existing cabinets or those you use...

Contractor now available for Flood repair or Cabinets - 56 days ago

We have been busy taking care of customers with flood damage and now have a spot available to take on more work, we are a small company and only take on 2 jobs at a time to provide the proper attentio...

Custom Cabinets - 112 days ago

[i]I would like a quote for Garage cabinets. (plain painted white)[/i] Sorry I am just getting to this, we had a long busy week this past week, I will work on this today. All cabinets we build ar...

Custom Cabinets - 115 days ago

If you have pictures we can build you any cabinets that you desire. We can build off site or custom build in your garage, we are set up for both. We are currently building custom cabinets for 2 Docto...

Why Do You Have To Cook After Working All Day??? - 128 days ago

Well Lea, I hope you get us some information soon, I would sure like to order some of your food to try it. I am full blooded Cajun from Elton, Louisiana and I lived in Lake Charles 4 years and New Orl...

Custom Cabinets - 129 days ago

If you are in need of any custom cabinets we can build them for you. We are not a huge company so we can only take on a house at a time. We currently are working on two huge homes in Kingwood for 2 Do...

Clean up Crew Available Now! - 175 days ago

Call Michael We have a cleanup crew avaliable now. We can help with all of your flood needs. Cleanup, Build back, Flooring, Anything. 832-788-6204

Lightbulb Gripe - 342 days ago

[i]Ok I just tried the dimmable LED in my grandmother's lamp. It's OLD. Like 1950's old. The bulb didn't work. Is it the lamp, teh fact the bulb is "dimmable", or truly the outlet wiring? Our house wa...

Need a new Roof? We can save you money! - 342 days ago

[i]where did you see his prices?[/i] Prices are based on the squares per roof. 10' x 10' is one 100 square foot equals 1 square, every roofer will measure the same or be very close, multiply that t...

Need a new Roof? We can save you money! - 342 days ago

[i]Do you have references??[/i] Yes I do.

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