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Behold the pale horse

I joined this crazy place on 2015-09-09, 1 years ago.

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Behold the Pale Horse

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Coulter loon cancels speech after all - 3 hours ago

[i]She is definitely a loon. [/i] But Perez is not? Funny how women who are much better educated and much more successful than you are loons.

Dumbocrat snowflakes allowed to stop AWESOME COULTER! - 3 hours ago

[i]you ridicule and mock all things remotely leaning left,[/i] You seriously don't get it do you. Name one republican group threatening violence over a speech at a government organization?

Terrible Customer Service! - 20 hours ago

[i]went out the window with teaching kids manors. [/i] See airline thread..

Annoying - 20 hours ago

[i]clearly something wrong with that woman having all the extras and paying with lone star card.[/i] I'm no rich man, have no luxuries and I smart shop with coupons. But I'm proud of the fact that ...

Annoying - 21 hours ago

This is annoying. In line at HEB and the 30 something mother in front of me has the latest I-phone, expensive yoga pants, MK purse. Kids are well dressed with expensive shoes. She buys sugary c...

Do You Want To Change Your Life? - 1 days ago

Amway, Tupperware, Mary Kay or Pampered Chef.

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

[i]I flew Continental a LOT for business before the United takeover/merger. That once fine airline went to total $hite under the United banner. [/i] Yes. [i]Just HORRIBLE service. Period.[/i] ...

Man Kicked Off Delta Flight for Using the Bathroom Before Takeoff - 1 days ago

[i]If the guy didn't go before being seated I can see how he could have a problem. I think the airline was being a bully. [/i] Exactly. There could've been some accommodation made. I've been on ...

Trump is least popular president in history - 1 days ago

[i]She had 3 million more votes, which were reflected in the accurate polls. How many more votes did she have in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania? [/i] For the 945th time. We don't elect P...

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

[i]Sounds like you've never experienced air travel as a passenger. Stewards and stewardesses attitudes have gotten steadily worse since 9/11. [/i] Exactly. They have all this new found "author...

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