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saudi and the trumps and headscarves

who's talking here?

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voice of reason --- 4 years ago -

when michelle obama visited saudi arabia in 2015, she often appeared without a headscarf. king donald took her to task on twitter, saying "they were insulted." it will be interesting to see if melania will wear a scarf if she's even bothering to go with him. i haven't seen hide nor hair (pun intended) of her in quite awhile. 

voice of reason --- 4 years ago -

more on the trip. this from cnn. i can't wait to hear about the fallout from this. trump has no common sense whatsoever. he is a total reactionary who has no means to exercise any self control ever. dumpkoff.

The curious choice for Trump's speech on Islam
Stephen Miller, the architect of President's travel ban, has a long history of anti-Muslim rhetoric

mutton --- 4 years ago -

I wear an old lady (me own term) headscarf when the wind is a blowing... 

Butterbean --- 4 years ago -


SoupIsGoodFood --- 4 years ago -

Looks like the TDS follows the ice box alts as well.

Let's see....... VoR/Joey/Judas.... all one in the same. 

Four Pinocchios --- 4 years ago -

T R i U M P h a n t 

Four Pinocchios --- 4 years ago -

dreaded double post 

jackass --- 4 years ago -

Let's see....... VoR/Joey/Judas.... all one in the same.?


Prolix Raconteur --- 4 years ago -

Melanie wore no headskarf and the Saudi king bowed to Trump! 

Behold the pale horse --- 4 years ago -

Americans bow to no one. 

I_won't_tell --- 4 years ago -



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