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I joined this crazy place on 2007-08-26, 9 years ago.

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Fox retracts fake news Seth rich conspiracy story - 2 hours ago

Bumping your own lame threads, again?

The alt-right terrorism response guide - 2 hours ago

LOL.......... Someone struck a nerve in fuzzTrump.

Melania evades Trump's hand again - 2 hours ago

Wow. Didn't know that TDS was completely contagious across KU. It's starting to infect all of the triggered liberals.

My Big Boy Healthcare Plan - 2 hours ago

They seem to be triggering themselves now. Totally comical.

The Left's Terrorism Response Guide - 2 hours ago

4b. Claim that Christianity is more murderous that Islam.

tRump confirms source of his leak to Russia - 7 hours ago

[i]Fuzz is on Trump Watch 24/7. LMFAO [/i] You think he's busy now? He was twice as busy when he was on ice.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Russia, Russia, Russia - 8 hours ago

[i]Exactly what you did for 8 years after the failed Bush soon you forget. LOL [/i] I guess it's your turn in the barrel.

tRump broke promise to not cut Medicaid - 9 hours ago

Doesn't matter. Obamacare FAILED miserably on it's own. Just like the conservatives said it would.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Russia, Russia, Russia - 9 hours ago

Notice the new pattern with the KU liberals. They want to erase all mention of Obama and Hillary as though it never happened. I would too, if I were them.

tRump broke promise to not cut Medicaid - 9 hours ago

[i]That's their go-to to defend Trump. "But Obama, But Hillary, But Democrats..."[/i] But Bush!!!!!! We heard that for 4+ years.

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