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Four Pinocchios

I joined this crazy place on 2012-08-07, 5 years ago.

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Poor mulchie - forever the victim.

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Be careful - 40 days ago

it was wet and rainy on Kingwood Drive at 5:45am - puddled water in places. Same with 59 - very wet. if it drops below freezing, leave your car at home and break out the ice skates and protectiv...

Kellyanne Conway?s Interview With Chris Cuomo Quickly Flies Off The Rails - 44 days ago

[i]kEYYL ANN IS A TWIT. [/i] Have you been drinking? [i] I AM GOIN TO SEND HER A (removed) [/i] Stay classy.

Join the campaign to get the RIVER DREDGED - 66 days ago

I read somewhere that it would cost each Kingwood household a little over $600 to dredge the lake. (or something like that. It was on the Kingwood FB page a while back and my memory ain't what it on...

Brad and Angie - 107 days ago

[i]atchOut --- 1 days ago - quote I can say this since the mods obviously allowed your personal attack of the OP....4P's, well aren't you a peach. No wonder you were dumped. [/i] LOL wut? Dumpe...

Brad and Angie - 109 days ago

[i] WatchOut --- 25 min ago - quote - hide comments That's actually a personal attack on a poster and a lot different than said poster attacking political candidates.[/i] [i] I call 'em ...

POLL: HOV - 109 days ago

[i]TinktheSprite --- 15 min ago - quote - hide comments I don't mind following a Metro bus.[/i] Agreed. What people fail to realize about the Metro buses is that they are trying to keep a schedul...

POLL: HOV - 109 days ago

The only time I'm in the HOV is as a bus passenger. As for the main lanes, if someone is riding my a**, I just move the eff over and let them pass. A month or so ago in the southbound 59 HOV lan...

Brad and Angie - 109 days ago

[i]Miss Understanding --- 1 hours ago - Expressing my opinion is not judging. [/i] You're weird. And annoying. Not judging; just my opinion.

Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 111 days ago

[i]Dorothy Parker --- 17 hours ago - quote - hide comments This is an extremely small, rural area where everyone knows everyone and there are no secrets. I grew up in a town like that and[b] this sit...

DNA Test from - 123 days ago

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm spaghetti and meatballs not from a can....

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