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I joined this crazy place on 2018-01-10, 1 years ago.

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this site - 32 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm with you. I'm leaving too. Bye!!

Great and Unmatched Wisdom - 33 days ago

[i]LOL the second "whistleblower" got his info from the first one, who's credibility is already faulty and crumbling under scrutiny. It's a SHAM, which is why Schiff won't release the actual testimony...

Trump loses appeal to withhold financial records - 35 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I sure hope they impeach him. It won't go anywhere in the Senate but it will get him reelected. LOL

The Time Has Come - 46 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Everything you stated was true but I bet he doesn't believe you!

The Time Has Come - 47 days ago

I hope they impeach the President. That will ensure his reelection!!!


Sags, try not to let the truth about Trump blow out your pity party cake candles . When he wins reelection, she'll be laughing at you!!!

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 118 days ago is waaaaay better than this board.

It looks like All the Political - 131 days ago

posts killed this place. I'm the first poster in 2 days.

Trump's Tank Show - 134 days ago

[i]They aren’t gripping about how much the Democrats have spent trying to run Trump out of office. That’s a total I’d like them to run by us. [/i] I bet it's around $50,000,000 or so. The democr...

Latest Fox News poll puts every democrat ahead of trump in 2020 - 135 days ago

[i]Fuzz forgets every pill had hrc winning the electoral vote with some polls given her over 300 electoral votes [/i] Fuzzy tends to ignore those things that prove them wrong or they just forget...

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