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Blue puddle - 4 hours ago

Something is a'brewin' - 4 hours ago

That's the left wishing and dreaming again. I hope all they do is investigate. That will get the President reelected and the house back into Republican hands.

Blue puddle - 15 hours ago

It now seems that the democrats are going to start all kinds of investigations of the President I hope they do nothing for two years but investigate. That will cause them to lose in 2020.

Veteran's Day - 2 days ago


Trump's pretzel logic - 2 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Another bad meme. It's also not true!

Happy Veterans Day Weekend - 2 days ago

Starbucks is giving a cup of coffee to veterans tomorrow.


So true!

Trump's pretzel logic - 4 days ago

[i]And to think some of you think he's a special sort of intelligent being sent by God himself to save America [/i] He sure is doing way better than Obama did.

Rafael Cruz has close ties to starting the caravan - 5 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I guess the Republicans learned it from the democrats.

Trump's pretzel logic - 5 days ago

[i]LOL are you seriously buying into the doctored video shtick that CNN is peddling? The white house fabricated a video that shows Jim Accosta grabbing that woman's arm?[/i] That's crazy!

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