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I joined this crazy place on 2018-01-10, 3 years ago.

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I guess this place......... - 3 days ago

has died!!! No posts in 11 days.....

Merry Christmas.. - 24 days ago

Merry Christmas!!

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 35 days ago

[i]They really are up against a ticking clock too! I wonder if they thought about the time issues.... [/i] They said that Texas didn't have standing. They aren't an injured party but Trump is....he...

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 35 days ago

There are still cases going on. If fraud is proved I don't see how the election stands.....if not then Biden wins....

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 36 days ago

It's the constitution they were looking at and two of the judges thought Texas had a case.

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 37 days ago

It doesn't matter. The deep state will never let him win again. He only won 2016 because he caught them by surprise. By 2020 they were ready to beat him. Look at the latest SCOTUS decision 7-2 against...

Purple Heart Day - 164 days ago

Yes, it is. Thanks to George Washington for starting an award, on this day, that will become the Purple Heart.

I didn't want a record.... - 165 days ago

Yes, it is......

I didn't want a record.... - 168 days ago

nobody has posted for 7 days so I will!!

Zions Bank - 179 days ago

[i]Be careful of Zions Bank !!! If you send money into their bank with an ACH transfer, they will put a HOLD on the money for 45 Business Days. I can't believe that this is legal [/i] It's not....

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