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Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 8 hours ago

Shutdown Families - 8 hours ago

Then maybe they should contact the democrats and ask them to compromise.

Shutdown Families - 16 hours ago

They aren't losing their pay. Pres Trump has already signed a bill to pay all their back pay when the gov't opens. Maybe the democrats should compromise but I doubt it. They are hypocrites as they vot...

Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 16 hours ago

[i]The comments Mueller made were very carefully crafted, and he in no way implied that the story was "fake," as the trump sheep like to bleat on a consistent basis, but rather there were some "inaccu...

Walls/barriers/fences are effective all over the world! - 1 days ago

New Collusion Evidence - 1 days ago

That's because they are so biased in their reporting of news (which terms I use very loosely).

Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 1 days ago

That's true. I guess their hatred of the President blinds them. I feel sorry for them.


[i]Come on down Robert Mueller :)... [/i] I can't wait for the report. I don't think you are going to like it. It's not going to be the bombshell you think it is. Go ahead and stick your head i...

Buzzfeed Story About President Trump Is Not Accurate - 2 days ago

Notice no liberals got on this thread. They are so devastated that the story was FAKE. They were so sure they had Trump this time. LMFAO

New Collusion Evidence - 2 days ago

We know the democrats have colluded with Russia. The phony dossier is proof. It's now starting to circulate that Mueller's report is not going to be the big bombshell that everyone thinks it will be. ...

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