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God Troller

I joined this crazy place on 2018-06-02, 18 days ago.

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I troll until u believe in God

latest comments

13 Reasons Why - 17 days ago

u know wat stuck in my head? this song... listen to it and remember that I am a rapper to and pretty much everything on how I am as a person. so liste...

Hi i would like to talk about my self - 17 days ago

ok I see wat u r coming from. Just know everyone is a criminal is not like u never committed a crime right? going over 1 mile an hour of the speed limit. So don't think anyone deserves to be in jail b...

Hi i would like to talk about my self - 17 days ago

u really think I deserve to be in jail for more time than a pedophile? GTFO of here!

New Video game simulates school shooting spree - 17 days ago

well u know wats really hard to believe? That kid are playing war games like "call of duty" and the guns are so real that u try a gun that u will know wat to do bcuz it is pretty much the same thing a...

Hi i would like to talk about my self - 17 days ago

I'm just using my skills to protect myself and use it for business. Money and protection talks and walks

Hi i would like to talk about my self - 18 days ago

Hi I go by the name God Troller bcuz I will troll until u believe in God. I practiced my skills around facebook and good amazing results and now I'm going around my neighborhood handling my business. ...

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