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I joined this crazy place on 2005-06-27, 12 years ago.

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Legal Secretary for over 40 years - I'm a "tired ol gal". . .

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Ophthalmologist recommendations - 14 days ago

I had detached retina. Dr. James C. Major Retina Consultants of Houston 350 Kingwood Medical Drive #200 Kingwood 77339 713-524-3434 A detached retina is an emergency.

tRump broke promise to not cut Medicaid - 120 days ago

I believe he said MediCARE - Obama took $700B out of MediCARE to fund Obamacare.

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 152 days ago

Something like this.

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 152 days ago

[img] wall.jpg[/img]

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 152 days ago

Not painting the wall. Lettering in all different fonts. Like a menu.

The KU Health Care Proposal - 176 days ago

Medicare is not free. If you put everyone on Medicare, will they pay the $105/mo. premium? Medicare only pays 80%. Supplemental ins. plus prescription ins. adds hundreds per month. Is Medicare for...

Polished / Stained Concrete Flooring - 206 days ago

My friend has it in her house when she built it over 10 years ago. It's gorgeous. She has several dogs. Says it's great -- but it's cold in the winter.

Making updates in home: ceiling fans - yea or nay? - 248 days ago

Even ceiling fans get outdated. . . remember the blades with the wicker inserts???? Just replaced 2 ceiling fans because they were brass. . .

Seeing Dr. Michael Wynn - 252 days ago

Had surgery with Dr. Jason Miller. He's great.

chair seat caneing - 256 days ago

Humble Furniture Restoration does as well.

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