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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-15, 15 years ago.

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piano, quilting, gardening, parenting, teaching, growing, learning

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Best local Easter service? - 1 years ago

OK - for those who only go to church 2ce a year LOL - where is the best Easter service? Looking for music, something festive, uplifting etc. etc. Post details - time, place, program. Thankx ;)

Local artist? - 2 years ago

I am looking for someone who works with masonry, and also might work with frames - any suggestions?

Non-Denominational Churches in KW? - 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a good non-denominational church in KW? Is the closest UU church really all the way over in the woodlands? .... I need to switch for a bit, find something a little more open and f...

Rabid Raccoon on gb :( - 2 years ago

What is the non-emergency phone number for the police station in KW? Ther eis a police station right across from the skate park - they are not listed like the other police stations though for some re...

Relief efforts? - 3 years ago

Who out there needs help right now, and who is organizing volunteer efforts?

mattress recycling? - 3 years ago

What do all the mattress stores do with the old mattresses they pick up? I know there are some companies that refurbish old mattresses - we have a mattress to get rid of, trying to find a recycling c...

Need forklift and 30' flatbed - 3 years ago

Hello! Wondering if anyone out there knows someone in KW who could help move a 2440lb 25' long antenna? We would like to set up a HAM radio station at LSC-KW that scouts/locals/students could all us...

Back to college! - 5 years ago

Does anyone know a good place to post announcements to KW high school students? I work at LSC in KW, and we are trying to get the word out about our new Engineering program. College can cost so m...

1st successful womb transplant patient gives birth to a baby boy in Sweden - 6 years ago

With so many kids who are without a good home... it does seem the better use of scarce resources would be to adopt.

Marrying a Catholic - 6 years ago

My dad was from a big Catholic family, my mom was not. They somehow convinced a Catholic priest to marry them outside up in the mountains at Sunrise instead of in a church... Not sure how happy my ...

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