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Exterminator recommendations needed - 1 years ago

Rainbow Pest Control. Professional, friendly. My neighbors and I have used them for 20 yrs. and have always been very pleased.

Early Spring Gardeners Beware - 1 years ago

Yes with Easter being so late this year we can probably feel safe a bit earlier. This is Houston so we just have to be prepared to cover if we get a late frost/freeze. The last few years have been so...

Early Spring Gardeners Beware - 1 years ago

My Mom always warned to wait until after Easter to plant new. We almost always have one last little freeze before that. Time to plant shrubs, trees, trim etc. but still early for tender plants. Ok to ...

Question regarding pipes - 1 years ago

Usually do not have to do that unless it gets down into the 20s. Also a good idea to open the cabinet doors under your sink so that warm air from the room can help keep pipes warm. This is more needed...

Mountain Lion Spotted - 1 years ago

Many years ago this area was considered the edge of The Big Thicket, there were few homes, businesses etc. and the black cats were numerous. This is why Loop 494 is called Black Cat Juction. Haven't s...

Gall Bladder Surgery Questions~ - 1 years ago

Oh I hope not :) That sounds awful!

Gall Bladder Surgery Questions~ - 1 years ago

Biopsied esophagus--all ok

Gall Bladder Surgery Questions~ - 1 years ago

First endoscopy reveals several abnormalities. He says second endoscopy will get better picture. Don't you think an MRI, ultra sound, functioning test and endoscopy shows enough? The thing that concer...

Gall Bladder Surgery Questions~ - 1 years ago

Thanks Perfection and Sangria....I feel I am being sent for too many tests, too many Drs. I had 4 tests in hospital last week, an endoscopy after getting out of hospital and now Dr. who did those test...

Gall Bladder Surgery Questions~ - 1 years ago

For those of you who have had GB surgery..Did you begin w/a gastro Dr. and then have that Dr. refer you to a surgeon? Once you got to the surgeon, did he perform any endoscopies, tests or did he use t...

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