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I joined this crazy place on 2006-10-03, 10 years ago.

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Similarities between JFK and DJT - 4 days ago

Both could have "nailed" a princess but had no interest in it.

It would be GREAT if Trump could get rid of all the Democrats! - 4 days ago

[i]I wished they would deport the Dumbocraps too!?[/i] Ugh, now the conservatives are having fantasies about the federal government. Weird.

Fox News falling behind MSNBC and CNN in viewers - 4 days ago

Who watches evening television news? Are we competing for who has the most old people watching live television? Those numbers of the big 3 don't even add up to 1% of the U.S. population.

Theocracy alert: Christian extremists plot to take over public schools in the U.S. - 4 days ago

If you want to influence kid's political or religious views in schools, you need to be a teacher. A school board member is a spring board to a political future, not a direct influencer of children.

Question for those who truly think Russian was so influential in manipulating our elections - 4 days ago

[i]Russia and China know they can run roughshod over any Democrat.[/i] Yeah, cause Hilary supporting bone-crushing sanctions that cost the Russians billions of dollars is so easy. And the special b...

Robert Mueller set to bury Trumpty - 5 days ago

[i]I ask again where is the evidence in Russia working with the team Trump to influence our elections[/i] It's not just influencing our elections - it's influencing our policy. Trump's people we...

Robert Mueller set to bury Trumpty - 5 days ago

[i]Why, because there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.[/i] There are at least 18 incidents of communication currently being investigated by Trump's campaign communicating with Russian off...

House majority leader on record saying he thinks Putin pays trump - 5 days ago

I will say this about "humor." Whenever I hear a good joke, I like to immediately do two things: 1. Don't laugh. 2. Swear everyone around me to secrecy. That's about right.

House majority leader on record saying he thinks Putin pays trump - 5 days ago

[i]So you are citing something that was said way before Pres Trump even won the nomination.[/i] It was a month before Trump sealed the nomination. He was the runaway candidate at that point.

Special prosecutor named in trump Russia probe - 5 days ago

[i]I wonder if they will go after the DNC for killing their guy killed for leaking the Clinton emails?[/i] It all depends if the Justice Department feels there is a case or not.

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