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I joined this crazy place on 2006-10-03, 10 years ago.

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President Trump saves taxpayers $86 Billion in first three months - 3 days ago

[i]Funny how education has gotten worse since the DOE was established in the late 70's.?[/i] Does the Department of Education teach our kids or something?

O'Reilly is HISTORY! FIRED BIG TIME! - 4 days ago

[i]Who's going to lead the battle in the War on Xmas now???[/i] Who knew he had his hands in all the stockings ha!

NOTHING HAS CHANGED: Democrat Anarchists Use Same Tactics As KKK Democrats Did 100 Years Ago - 4 days ago

[i]It's fact.?[/i] What's a weird fact is that with all the KKK support, hatred, bigotry and violence in the Democratic party - black people still look at the GOP and go, nope.

Rachel Dolezal being interviewed - 6 days ago

[i]But if she said she identified as a male people would say that's ok.[/i] Uh, a white male.

Rachel Dolezal being interviewed - 6 days ago

Is she trying to earn even less money?

Trump drops MOAB on ISIS - 10 days ago

[i]Who are they fighting against??[/i] Assad's forces and ISIS. They are the rebellion. The Russian's are there to support Assad's forces. And both us and Russia are fighting ISIS there. That's...

Trump drops MOAB on ISIS - 10 days ago

[i]Only McCain is. [/i] The United States is. That's how we accidentally bombed 18 of their resistance fighters today. We were supporting their fight with a bomb sortie. They are our allies and we...

Trump drops MOAB on ISIS - 10 days ago

[i]Are you sure they are on our side[/i] We're on their side at least.

When you are celebrating Easter this Sunday, remember - 10 days ago

Bonus points for saying "peep" and "Easter" in the same post.

MEANWHILE, todays jobs report - 13 days ago

Kind of puts a damper on the celebration of 98k new jobs a 4.5% unemployment rate.

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