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I joined this crazy place on 2006-10-09, 15 years ago.

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50+ ex football player from Galveston. Moved to Kingwood 1983 with wife of 37+ years. Roam the Greentree trails and meet me' Bernie and Belle, our Westie rulers. :-)

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Happy birthday to Woof40!!! - 5 years ago

Just think- in 20 years, you'll be teachable! Happy Birthday.

where were you when the OJ verdict came in? - 5 years ago

London- We had moved there until that obnoxious trial was over. Finally.

Pedestrian killed in kingwood - 5 years ago

On Broad Leaf near Maple Park. Greentree/Mills Branch area.

Westie found in Greentree - 6 years ago

Oscar's parents just picked him up. Thanks everyone.

Westie found in Greentree - 6 years ago

Yes, we have two Westies. My Westies are enjoying the visit, but I will be happy when the owner finds him here!

Westie found in Greentree - 6 years ago

Westie with a collar but no tags was found this morning off of Oakwood Forest Drive.

Who do I call about a broken disposal?? - 6 years ago

We used Lowe's for a new disposer and labor to install. They did a fine job.

Poll Finds That If Trump Runs As An Independent... - 6 years ago

I would rather see Bernie run as an Independent. Remember- nothing is impossible in politics.

Bruce is now "Caitlyn". Now unlocked.... - 6 years ago

Why spend all that money on the change and leave the camel toe out?

LOL, it looks like the Patriots cheated again. - 6 years ago

[i]Sorry to disagree, but the psi of the balls at the end of the game haven't been made public yet. [/i] Go ahead and disagree- the balls, on a complaint, were checked at halftime.

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