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Tylers Journey

I joined this crazy place on 2007-03-20, 14 years ago.

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Stay at home mother of 3.

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Tiny House builder - 4 years ago

We just moved into a 720 with 4 of us. We left Texas and I will never go back to a bigger home

A look at Trump's casino businesses - 5 years ago

Trump had 2 named casinos at one time. Trump marina sold in around 2000 and trump taj mahal

A look at Trump's casino businesses - 5 years ago

The casino doesn't provide health insurance for casino employees the local 54 union does. I think the union is good and bad. The casinos hire people from other countries to come in during the summer i...

A look at Trump's casino businesses - 5 years ago

An ex Atlantic City Harrah's casino empolyee I can say Trump has been out of the casino's for more then 10 years. The casinos just had his name on the side of the casino. The fall of AC casinos are du...

New Humble ISD Superintendent - 5 years ago

I am just glad I homeschool

Homeschool transfer question - 5 years ago

[i]Are you really sure you want to do this to your kid? In this area, there are great homeschooling opportunities.?[/i] I was thinking the same thing. I homeschool after pulling mine from PS. You c...

I want to change cell phone providers... - 5 years ago

We have T-mobile and when we don't have a T-mobile tower it switches over to AT&T. I have never had an issue traveling with it. I am going home to Japan and will see how that works.

School cafeteria not crediting payments made? - 5 years ago

I had many problems with money not making it into the account when my kids went to school. After it happened twice I set up the online account.

Men pose as CenterPoint workers to gain entry for home invasion in NW Harris County - 5 years ago

I always have the same guy show up at my house so if it wasn't him I would call before I let him make it past my door for anything. We don't have the smart meters so they have to read it manually.

New Superintendent for HISD? - 5 years ago

Just one more reason I homeschool

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