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I joined this crazy place on 2007-11-24, 14 years ago.

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Happening in the Front of Kingwood this morning - 2 years ago

Anyone know whatÂ’s going on in the front of Kingwood right now. HFD Decon truck and others heading to the front on KW Dr.

Why is Kingwood Dr shut down. - 3 years ago

Near the Country club.

Whataburger - 3 years ago

Being a regular to Whataburgers and experiencing repeated delays in the drive through at the new Kingwood store. I thought I would walk indoors and speak to the manager on duty. Mistake!!! This is ...

Kingwood Fillies - 5 years ago

Your guarantee is about as factual and trustworthy as your words you post daily. You sound like Donald Trump now, saying things you have no factual basis for and hoping people will believe you. Stop...

Kingwood Fillies - 5 years ago

Your right it's been a while since I posted a comment. I'm to busy to get on this page every day and post all day. It may be another 8 years before I look at it again. But one thing that's apparent...

Kingwood Fillies - 5 years ago

Just went through everyone of theses comments. Really, this is how adults in Kingwood act, come on.

Water Fall @ KW Drive and W Lake Houston - 14 years ago

Is the Water Fall Project at Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston "Town Center" a time and material job? What is the completion date for this project? Its not moving and I am tired of looking at the...

what's up with the helicopters in porter??? - 14 years ago

Its obvious Brother Q-X has not looked at his Brother Earls Rap Sheet.

Police Call to Party - 14 years ago

I wonder if the older were charged with Contributing To A Minor.

Police Call to Party - 14 years ago

I overheard the ages of two of them were 22 and 16. How about that?

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