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Shark Daddy 1

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Shark Daddy --- 1 years ago -

Being a regular to Whataburgers and experiencing repeated delays in the drive through at the new Kingwood store. I thought I would walk indoors and speak to the manager on duty. Mistake!!!
This is what happened. We pulled in and a car was broken down in the inside lane, so we moved behind one other truck to the outside lane. As we pulled up to order the broken down car was able to get started and pulled up to the window. The truck in front of us finally got his food after two cars on the inside lane went through. We waited until 4 others on the inside lane got food and now there were more than 12 cars waiting behind us before we got food. I went inside to speak to the manager (Patrick) who was so rude. walked up and started telling me we had a car broke down that caused the delay. I said no because I was beside them when they pulled through and have been waiting for my food a long time. He would not even look at me as I told him this was unacceptable. He wanted to continue to say we had a car broke down. I finally told him that's lie, and I wasn't going to stand and listen to him lie and that I would call someone who will care tomorrow. He then started said out load, "By Have A Great evening, By, By, BY" as I walked out the door. RUDE AS Hole. I asked my son who studies with friends from time to time at Whataburger and he started telling me stories about other incidents with Patrick and other customers. Not what we need in Kingwood. I will find the owner or his boos to talk to. 

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