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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 8 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Carly and Cruz? - 22 hours ago

Cruz/Fiorina is a super ticket, I love it!!!! Two conservatives with good principles, both great leaders, super intelligent, in it for the best interest of our country.. Vote Cruz/Fiorina.

Artist formerly known as Prince - Dead at 57 - 6 days ago

Its very sad that most celebrities die from a drug overdose and that seems to be what happened with Prince. Sooner or later they all die from drugs.

Cruz family on CNN right now - 14 days ago

Witchy woman if anybody is totally creepy its you. You got your name right "witchy woman" you must be one evil person. As for the Cruz family they are awesome. Ted Cruz is brilliant and the best per...

Go Trump!!!! Elect Trump & start fixing our country!!! - 25 days ago

Trump is a disaster and those of you who are supporting him are making a huge mistake. Did you know he owes 500 million dollars and sits on the board of Goldman Sachs, Hillary's biggest supporter.

Trumpty's campaign manager arrested - 30 days ago

He did it under direct orders from his boss.

Traffic Congestion - 30 days ago

Widening of Northpark and Kingwood drive has already started.

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal - 33 days ago

Those rumors are completely false. Anyone who believes this is extremely gullible.. David Peck the owner of the National Enquirer is a very close friend of Donald Trump rides in his jet everywhere. ...

My Prediction - 45 days ago

Trump is bring more division to this country and a nation divided cannot stand. We need to recognize that Trump is a bully, inciting crowds, using foul language and is adding to the destruction of ou...

Kingwood area Flea Market? - 46 days ago

Can't stand Flea Markets, hope there isn't one near Kingwood.

This is a sad time for the US - 57 days ago

From the very beginning it was a no brainer for me. Trump in agreement with the Clinton campaign got in this race to split the Republican party and Hillary would become the next president. Trump and ...

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