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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 8 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Respect the Office of President - 18 days ago

My sentiments exactly. Respect teh office of the USA President . Quit prejudging president elect Trump and give him a chance to lead.

Thoughts on Stephen Bannon as chief strategist? - 20 days ago

Those on the left are forming their opions and passing judgement on Trump and his selections for his administration/ Dorothy Prker claims Steve Bannon is very polarizing, well Mrs. Parker welcome to ...

Airspace closed over Trump Tower- - 25 days ago

Yes there are a lot of crazy people. We must pray for president elect Trump and for our country. Peace people.

Anti-American Protestors bussed to Austin. - 25 days ago

Yes, money from the evil George Soros and money left over from the Hillary campaign. They have been paying proffesional protesters to incite riots and create chaos in our country. I say arrest all ...

Someone Call the Waaaambulance, Trump won! - 25 days ago

Well said Karras. Sheddy that's what I say, where are the parent's of these loose wild kids putting all their energies into destructive Un American criminal activities. Shame on all those protestors...

Trigger Warning for Fuzz: Republicans Rule the USA - 25 days ago

Well said Karras.

This sums it up pretty good - 25 days ago

Proof in the video that half of our country is sick, sick, sick. You want to commit suicide over the results of the election??? Trump is our president elect and you have to respect the office of pre...

Trigger warning for soup: Hillary won the popular vote - 25 days ago

Fuzzball elections have never been decided on popular vote, its always been by electoral votes and in accordance with our system Trump won. You are from Canada and I don't know how they elect a presi...

Is Trump dropping out? - 29 days ago

Texas is my home state and its RED!!!

Dad died, mom in love w/ another man. - 34 days ago

I am a mother, senior citizen at that and I completely understand what you did was out of concern for your mother. Just because your mother is a grown woman does not mean she cannot make a mistake. ...

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