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kingwood resident

I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 10 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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The immigration system is not broken! - 11 days ago

The wall must be built. I do not want our President to give in to the Democrats.

Is Trump and better president than Obama? - 20 days ago

There is no comparison, President Trump is definitely the better of the two.

Are you a Socialist or a Republican? - 95 days ago

In this day and time, there is a movement among the Democrat party. They want to change your government and transform it into a socialist/communist government. if you are for open borders allowing an...

Beto Against Aid to Harvey Victims - 151 days ago

Btw...his name is not Beto. He goes by Beto to draw in Hispanic votes. He is a socialist democrat that has a criminal record. Why would anyone vote for him?? Ted Cruz is the right man for the job...

Trumpty is such a freaking douche - 157 days ago

Love my president!! President Trump is the best ever!!!!!!

the smartest people vote democratic! - 161 days ago

Democrats are the dumbest voters. They are willing to vote for socialist who will be taking away their money, dummies!!!!

Cruz once, shame on Ted. - 164 days ago

I love Ted Cruz, he is the best Senator in Congress. If you don't vote for him you will get the leftist socialist, O'Rourke. Do you want to be like Venezuela, are you ready to give up your money so ...

The poster you knew as POTUS has passed away. - 164 days ago

May he rest in Peace.

Democrats Aren't Socialists - 175 days ago

Venezuela is a socialist country and the people are suffering as a result. If that happens we will be in the same situation as Venezuela. We cannot allow that to happen in the United States. I'm pr...

Trump paid off more women with hush $$$ - 177 days ago

Who cares, I don't. Michael Aenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels and 3 other women has probably had illicit affairs himself. There are so many men guilty of extramarital affairs and I frankly do n...

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