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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 8 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Trump says he will never take vacations. Has taken 3 so far. - 7 days ago

Jepperd get your facts straight. He has not taken 3 vacations, nor has he used taxpayer money. He owns Mar La Go and he is not taking a salary. So get over it. The Obama's spent 100's of millions ...

Santana: Adele is a singer, Beyoncé is a model - 7 days ago

Wow. can Adele sing. She has an amazing voice and real talent. Beyonce has to stoop to nakedness and booty shaking to get attention. Adele is a classy singer.

Human Trafficers in Barnes and Noble! - 7 days ago

fuzz you must not have any daughters.

Human Trafficers in Barnes and Noble! - 8 days ago

Thank you a4351029uu for posting that message. That was a very good observation on your part and I will talk with my granddaughter about this. In this day and time one cannot be too careful. Fact i...

Kellyanne Conway about to be under investigation - 10 days ago

Kelly ann Conway is not going to be investigated. She is a intelligent woman, a quick thinker, very well informed and has a strong backbone. She is fantastic and in my house we love her.

Rosie's new twitter picture is gold - 12 days ago

All these celebrities that are against President Trump are sick and anti-American. If they don't like the changes then move the hell out of America where you think you might be happy.

Maxine Waters............. WOW - 13 days ago

How this woman is elected over and over again is beyond me,she is horrible. There are several women in congress that are similar in nature and need to be replaced. Its time to get rid of Maxine Wate...

Federal Judge blocks Dear Leader's travel ban UPDATE DENIED AGAIN - 17 days ago

What this judge did was illegal and his decision will be overturned in accordance with the law.

Alternative facts, Paid Protestors, Bowling Green Massacre... - 17 days ago

Dorothy Parker how in the world did you support Obama who committed treason against Americans and spent 8 years destroying this country and causing division with his racial hateful ways. I voted fo...

Lady Gaga/Superbowl halftime show - 17 days ago

Not watching her trash.

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