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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 8 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Currently twice as many people at the Women's March in DC than trump had at his illegitimate inaugur - 1 hours ago

There were thousands of bikers at the Trump rally as well as a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee turnout for the inaugural parade despite the rain. I watched all the festivities for two days and it was amazing and...

Excited to see the transfer of power in our country - 1 days ago

Watched all the pre inauguration festivities and it was wonderful. I was truly proud to be an American. I believe Trump will go down in history as the greatest presidents ever. I cannot wait until ...

Obama hits 60% approval, while trump has lowest approval in history - 3 days ago

Where in the world did you get those stats. Obama approval rating 60%, I don't think so, he's the reason the democrats lost. Those are fabricated stats. We elected Trump for President of the USA, GE...

Democrats will do anything to fight Trump - 5 days ago

Day in and day out the democrats totally disgust me. They are full of hate and have their minds set on destruction of anything they don't agree with. I used to be a democrat, but their politics for ...

Lady by showbiz - 11 days ago

I see her there all the time. I cannot believe she is out there day and night. Does anyone have any information on her?

About 10 police cars all over Sherwood Trails?? - 15 days ago

Does anyone know what happened yesterday in Sherwood Trails. There were about 10 cars on Longleaf Pines yesterday. Same street as the shooting of a burglar on Christmas eve. Not the same house, jus...

Parents Charge Daughter in Credit Card Theft - 16 days ago

I would never press charges on my child. Many teens make mistakes and this seems like one of them. What they should do is make her work to pay it back. Once charges are filed against her it will be...

Obama is doing his best to cause the Trump administration big problems. - 21 days ago

It will be a day to celebrate when our president elect will be inaugurated President. The last 8 years have been the worst years our country has gone through because of the worst president in the his...

The performance that won 'The Voice' - 36 days ago

Sundance was fantastic. He is very talented and was the best contestant on The Voice. Congrats to Sundance.

US Officials reveal Putin personally involved in US election hack - 37 days ago

When will it stop. These people actually believe we are so dumb. My vote for Trump was not influenced by the Russians. Enough of that garbage and accept the outcome. Trump won because the people w...

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