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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 7 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Black Lives Matter posts their 10-point plan... - 6 days ago

Please don't give this hateful organization any publicity. They are out of hand radicals who do need policing.

FEEL THE BERN - 6 days ago

Seriously you support a Socialist for President? How about keeping America American!!

Clown Car is Jam Packed - 14 days ago

Like I said I have great hope that we will elect a conservative President that can get this country back on track. Why in the world would you want to make the same mistake twice by electing another e...

Clown Car is Jam Packed - 15 days ago

The only clowns are the democrats and the clowns that voted them in. Their choice for president has ruined our country and they have allowed themselves to be dumbed down by the democrats in office. ...

Is this a huge problem that Target needed to solve? - 15 days ago

I am going to boycott Target because they decided to go transgender. Since the day they opened the first store it was families that started shopping there. Their revenue throughout the years has com...

What is the going rate for maid service? - 17 days ago

The maids are in and out in two hours charge $130.00 which equals to $65.00 an hour. That has been my experience.

What is the going rate for maid service? - 17 days ago

It's a lot more than what you can earn as a professional. $65,00 an hour. think its because they have a doctorate in housecleaning.

Guess what women couldn't do in 1960? - 17 days ago

Women couldn't buy razors in the 60"s>> I did and I used them, nobody told me I couldn't do that.

Donald Trump is starting to scare me - 17 days ago

Ted Cruz was the best debater and his numbers went up. He is the only hope for this country, he can get us back on track. I'm pulling for Ted Cruz all the way to the White House.

Let us all join together and write Perry's Epitaph - 17 days ago

Shame on you who are calling Rick Perry stupid. He is one of the greatest governors Texas has ever had. He brought more jobs to Texas and if you are not a native Texan he is the reason you are here....

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