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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 6 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Desperate Wendy Davis - 5 days ago

Souperman....electoral votes?? That's only for the presidency.

Desperate Wendy Davis - 5 days ago

Awesome TatooedDragpm. people like you tht don't vote is one of the reasons why we have a president like Obama in office

Non-Citizens Voting - 6 days ago

A lot of people from African countries voted illegally.

Are you a WEN? girl? by Chaz Dean? - 6 days ago

I bought it for my granddaughter hated it, I tried it hated it too. Too greasy and heavy. Threw it out. Never again, prefer my regular shampoos and conditioners.

A Big Win for Voter ID Laws in Texas - 10 days ago

i'm so glad this decision came down before the election November 4th. This will keep people from voting 2, 3, or 4 times. Let's keep everything above board and keep it honest. Vote early, Vote str...

Early Voting - 10 days ago

I'm voting early. Just taking my driver's license. It's that simple. You need a picture ID. gET OUT AND VOTE EARLY. VOTE GREGG ABBOTT FOR GOVERNOR OF TEXAS. vOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN.

Greg Abbott chickens out - 15 days ago

All you Wendy Davis supporters how can you support her when she didn't even care about her own two children. She abandoned them, left them with their step-father. Thank God he was a man that was sym...

Mayor subpoenas God - 15 days ago

Annise Parker will stop at nothing to promote her personal agenda EVERYTHING GAY. What she fails to understand is that the majority is not gay and have the right to decide what wil or will not be perm...

Greg Abbott chickens out - 18 days ago

I'm proud of Gregg Abbott for sticking to his convictions. When a format is not suitable you would be a fool to go in without an agreement as to how it will be conducted. Wendy Davis has run a dirty...

What do you prefer, burial, cremation, chemical dissolve or donate body for science? - 18 days ago

The bible says bury your loved ones in Holy ground, So I want the traditional burial, in the ground.

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