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kingwood resident

I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 7 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Congratulations Voters! - 2 days ago

Whoa... haven't experienced any of the items listed on the democrat side, much less seen the budget reduced. Last I saw reported is that President Obama has brought the budget deficit to over a trill...

HALLELUJAH! Boy Scouts' ban on gay adult leaders not sustainable - 4 days ago

If the Scouts are going to allow gay leaders the Scout organization needs to be disbanded. The chance of your child being molested is high, don't allow your boys to under the direction of a gay lead...

Issues with Suddenlink-Considering Class Action LawSuit - 12 days ago

Do it. I would like to see other companies provide service to Kingwood. Suddenlink has a lot of problems in providing quality service. I am tired of my internet and phone going out. I don't know w...

Pollo Tropical Review - 17 days ago

Really, I found the food bland and the sides not tasty. I was very disappointed with the food.

Pollo Tropical - 18 days ago

I was very disappointed with the food, too bland. Sauces not to my liking either. Yellow rice not good. Black beans tasteless. Won't be going back.

Northpark Traffic - 24 days ago

My husband thinks the Porter people are crossing through Northpark to get to Loop 494 or 59. I too believe the commuters causing the congestion are not soley Kingwood residents.

Its hitting the fan in Baltimore - 29 days ago

The mayor has tied the policemen's hands behind their back. She instructed the officers to stay back and to give the rioters (thugs) their space.

Hillary's slamming them all! That's my girl!! - 35 days ago

You can't trust any CNN poll, they always stray to the left. Clinton is not a shoo-in.

POLL: Who will win the Republican Nomination? - 35 days ago

If it comes down to Clinton/Bush presidential race, Clinton will win. I'm not voting for her, I am standing with Ted Cruz, hope he will be the upset of the year.

Romney looks sickly - 67 days ago

I also wanted him to run for president. He would have done great things for this country. :( That he is not in the race.

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