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I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-03, 7 years ago.

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Kingwood resident for 22 years, grandmother of two precious children.

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Rafael "Ted" Cruz is a dominonist that wants to make America a theocracy - 12 hours ago

As I read your comments on these 2 pages I cannot believe the ignorance displayed. Ted Cruz is a member of the Second Baptist Church here in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ed Young is his pastor. If any of you...

This year's election - 3 days ago

For those of you that like Bernie I want tohear back from you on how well you like him then when you have to give up 50% of your earned income for others, when you have to stand in line to get whateve...

The reason why the left hates Cruz - 5 days ago

Ted Cruz is not liked by some of the establishment in Congress because he kept his promise to the people that elected him and he represents. If all the other elected officials did like Cruz this coun...

Answer-We elect Trump & start fixing our country!!! - 13 days ago

He's an idiot. How can you possibly take him seriously. There is no way he is qualified to be president, nor is he a commander in chief. He is a shyster, liar, narcississtic, egomaniac who equals h...

Bob Dole says Cruz is worse for GOP than Trump - 15 days ago

Bob Dole is a has been.

Sarah Palin endorses trump, slams cruz - 15 days ago

JUDAS you called Ted Cruz a slimebag is it because he has Christian values, loves America, is a constitutionalist who will uphold the law of the land and not compromise the USA as a world power. Ted ...

Trump's Wife Melania - 20 days ago

Melania Trump has too much public exposure. She will not make a good First Lady. I would be embarrassed for her photos to be shown all over the world and they will should Trump get elected.

NY to TED - 21 days ago

All of you are disgusting. I am guessing that we have very young people on here that lack good moral values. The New York Daily News is horrible, that is not journalism.

POLL: Which candidate would you LEAST trust with nuclear codes - 21 days ago

Hillary R. Clinton

We are loving the GREAT GOP debate! - 22 days ago

The debate was a great one. Our candidates are all wanting to restore America.

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