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Mail? - 223 days ago

According to the USPS website, Veterans Day was observed by no mail on Sat., 11/11. You should have received mail today. I know they were all running late.

MaMa Fu's - 310 days ago

Mama Fu's is very similar to Pei Wei. You order at the counter and they bring your food. The new place in the front is called Spice Bowl. I tried it the other day and it was very good. They have 3...

LOST KEYS Kingwood Lakes-Bear Branch Elm - 1 years ago

Someone on next in Woodland Hills found a set of keys at Plum Valley and Oak Shores. Different greenbelt, but thought I'd let you know.

Low water pressure? - 1 years ago

Apparently it is all over KW, according to I called 311 and they knew and are sending someone out.

Chow Mix dog spotted - 2 years ago

A tan small chow mix dog looking a bit dishevled was wandering the 1900 blovk of Riverlawn in SWH about 4:30 this afternoon. Barked at me for several minutes...couldn't be found after I ran inside to...

Shell on Kingwood Drive pump problems - 2 years ago

Pump #4 would not shut off after our tank was full yesterday morning. My husband told the clerk and she said she would shut it down and post a sign. Does anyone know if the owner is aware of these o...

Grand parkway-faster to where? - 2 years ago

I've taken it twice to The Woodlands and would have to say that it depends upon where in The Woodlands you are going. The GP is faster to the mall area, since it comes out just South of there and you...

Looking for schools that handle aspberger children - 2 years ago

I'm not sure about school districts, but an authority in this area would be the UT Health C.L.A.S.S. clinic. They are a multi-disciplinary clinic that services adolescents and young adults with Asper...

Trash Pick Up - South Woodland Hills - 2 years ago

Welcome to SWH! I'm sorry that some of your neighbors weren't helpful. Our neighborhood on Riverlawn is great. Be aware that Best sends 2 different trucks on Saturday. The first just picks up the ...

2 small dogs missing - 3 years ago

I saw 2 small dogs running up Woodland Grove in S. Woodland Hills yesterday about 4pm. I stopped my car and tried to run after them, but they ran into a yard near Parkdale or Willow Point before I cou...

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