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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-14, 6 years ago.

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REWARD: Vandalized Christmas Decorations! - 4 days ago

[i]Wow Winning, that's low, even for you. [/i] Totally agree. Never has anything nice to say. I personally know LilJay and his personality is what it is and you can like him or not. That's your ...

Break in at mallard creek apts - 7 days ago

We had alot of break in when I lived in Town Center. The thieves even used soemones own duffle bag and suit case to take their stuff out in. We left when it started getting really bad. Out of 12 un...

Daily Giveaways End Tomorrow - 11 days ago

Thank you Martha! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Found phone at Walgreens NP/Woodland Hills - 11 days ago

There was no emergency contacts so I couldn't do anything with it.

Found phone at Walgreens NP/Woodland Hills - 11 days ago

Well the manager told someone that called their looking for a different phone and where told that no one turned one in. So if I could have called anyone on their contact list I would have to get it b...

Found phone at Walgreens NP/Woodland Hills - 12 days ago

I forgot to post this last night but if anyone lost blue Galaxy s4 in Walgreens on NP and Woodland Hills I gave it to the girl at the cosmetic counter who gave it to the manager. Hopefully you ...

marthas basement giveaways? - 12 days ago

Never mind - I guess waterfall is just getting in the Christmas spirit early this year and being their rude self. Sorry Martha that your kindness brings out the worst in people.

marthas basement giveaways? - 12 days ago

She already is. There was one this morning.

Days of Christmas Give Aways~ - 13 days ago

You are so awesome. My DD still uses a zebra print felt notebook you gave her last year. She carries it in her backpack to jot down things whenever she thinks about it. Merry Christmas Martha!!!

Is there a Christmas light Hayride this year? - 13 days ago

I can't wait. We go every year. Such an awesome thing he does for the community.

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