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Did Dog Gone Stylin' (groomers) change owners? - 33 days ago

As far as I know yes. He doesn't remember it but they were keeping him in the hospital. I read it on the other site.

Did Dog Gone Stylin' (groomers) change owners? - 34 days ago

I think she is still there. Her husband was in that bad accident last week on 59 that shut it down.

Anyone have any isses after shopping at Kroger? - 47 days ago

[i]Kingswood kroger is not having major fraud issues. This has to do with the thieves that get a hold of credit information. It has happened to 4 employees of the store. one had not even used her card...

**Credit Card FRAUD charges** occurred at KROGER, Aug 20 ! - 48 days ago

We still didn't get the money back yet but it should be soon. There are no gas pumps at the WLH location. I will not shop there again. Happening to too many people and Krogers doesn't care.

Anyone have any isses after shopping at Kroger? - 50 days ago

I have my receipt from Sunday and according to the store they are doing remodeling and the cameras may have not even been working. There was no one in front of me or behind me at that time because it...

Anyone have any isses after shopping at Kroger? - 50 days ago

This card has no chip in it and it was used at the same Kroger I was at on Sunday. We have already contacted the bank but since it's his credit/debit card they have to wait for it not to be pending a...

Anyone have any isses after shopping at Kroger? - 50 days ago

I used my DH's credit card at Kroger on Northpark and WLH on Sunday. Today while we were both at work someone used it to purchase $94.71 and then tried again to charge $94.70 and Capitol One shut off...

Painting Party Places - 61 days ago

Go with Katie Hayes. She is the local Kingwood woman who lost her arms and legs after she had a flesh eating virus after having her daughter 5 years ago. She does parties at El Ranchero. My DD an...

Direct TV cost - 91 days ago

We just got Direct about 3 months ago. They had the promo package for $19.99. We have the small boxes on 3 TV's and the HD DVR on the 4th. I think each box is $6.99 if I'm not mistaken. You got all...

Longhorn Steakhouse - Don't waste your time - 116 days ago

Is this the one outside the mall on 59 feeder or on 1960? Last year when we had no A/C we went to the one oustide the mall and I would never go back unless I just wanted appetizers. My DH, DD and I ...

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