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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-14, 5 years ago.

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found wallet - 11 hours ago

Four Pinocchio you can say whatever you want. I am so sick of reading everyone bashing her. She would bend over backwards and give someone the shirt off her back and all everyone does is pick on her...

found wallet - 12 hours ago

Good for you for doing the right thing. Lets see how long it takes for your stalkers to make comments. Have a good night.

After school care needed - 15 hours ago

I sent you a PM

F'n Dentist - 15 hours ago

What they want to do to you is root scaling and as uglytruth explained above yes they do it in quadrants and it is expensive because most insurance only covers about 70% after your deductible. I ...

Wreck - 21 hours ago

AngieKaye... maybe on day they will stop stalking you. You do give some great information on here that I wouldn't know otherwise and I really appreciate that.

Our cat wants to be an outdoor cat - 21 hours ago

Please keep your cats indoors. I hate when I see a cat wondering the streets because you never know if its a stray or belongs to someone. At least if you see a dog you know it's lost. A couple ye...

Found Orange Cat - 21 hours ago

I don't think it's the same cat as the one in The mouth looks like the one in the back of the picture and the one missing was ...

FREE Family Event in Kingwood this Saturday - 2 days ago

Sorry - I meant she got farty good. It's in a jar and when you stick your fingers into it it makes fart sounds. They sound extremely real.

FREE Family Event in Kingwood this Saturday - 2 days ago

We had a great time and my DD is already talking about going next year. Lucky me - she wont farty goop so that's what I got to listen to all weekend. It was really funny the first 30 times but aft...

Speed limit increase. - 4 days ago

I just noticed today that Woodland Hills is 40 now instead of 35. Anyone know when that happened?

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