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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-14, 7 years ago.

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Who's watching The People vs OJ Simpson? - 5 days ago

I set it to record and watched the first episode last night. I think he did it and got away with it. There is so much coming out. They said Robert Shapiro had him stop taking his meds that kept the...

Cleaners in Kingwood - 33 days ago

Are you talking about new owners at the one next to Walmart? My DD's grandmother was here and took a coat to them to be cleaned. There was nothing wrong with the coat she just wanted it cleaned beca...

KINGWOOD GREENBELT SCAVENGER HUNT January 1st 2015, THURSDAY 12 Noon - 68 days ago

I truly hope the cheating that went on last year does not happen again this year. A lot of families went out to have fun and were very upset that certain people started earlier than the official star...

Bee Catcher? - 78 days ago

I never thought to check here. The house next to me has been empty for 3 years and the whole side of the house is nothing but bees. They come to the light at night when I take the dog out. I am all...

1 In 2 Working Americans Make Less Than $30,000 A Year - 107 days ago

I would love to go back to school but I'm one that needs to be in a classroom not doing the work online. As I said, my DH is working on his masters now and working full-time so everything pretty much ...

1 In 2 Working Americans Make Less Than $30,000 A Year - 107 days ago

My DH and I both make not much more than that. He has a bachelor's and is working on his masters now. I was so smart that I thought I was too good for college 25 years ago. Guess I was wrong. My...

**Credit Card FRAUD charges** occurred at KROGER, Aug 20 ! - 124 days ago

Did you swipe at the pump or go inside? My DD had his card stolen a 2nd time after posting about it here the first time. His has a chip in it but he swiped it at the pumps at the Speedy Stop. I hav...

Did Dog Gone Stylin' (groomers) change owners? - 158 days ago

As far as I know yes. He doesn't remember it but they were keeping him in the hospital. I read it on the other site.

Did Dog Gone Stylin' (groomers) change owners? - 158 days ago

I think she is still there. Her husband was in that bad accident last week on 59 that shut it down.

Anyone have any isses after shopping at Kroger? - 172 days ago

[i]Kingswood kroger is not having major fraud issues. This has to do with the thieves that get a hold of credit information. It has happened to 4 employees of the store. one had not even used her card...

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