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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-14, 6 years ago.

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Auto insurance accident dispute! What would you do? (Small update) - 16 hours ago

Whoever said something about Carfax is 100% correct. My brand new car still had the temp tag on it and an idiot on 1314 ran into the back of me at a traffic light. He was going about 40 and never sl...

mentally challenged man/boy on greenbelt - 6 days ago

Could this be that Troy/Travis or something like that who talked the kid into not going to school awhile back. He lived on the Greenbelts then.

Little Ceasar's new pizza - 7 days ago

I love the pretzels at the movie theater but the pretzel pizza was a bit too salty for me. Everyone else in my house liked it though. It was good just too salty.

Little Ceasar's new pizza - 8 days ago

There's one on 1314 in Porter if you make a left off 494. We go sometimes for quick pizza since they have $5.00 hot an ready. Personally I don't like hot pizza that burns my mouthy so for me by the ...

I need a Netflix recommendation - 13 days ago

I just recently started watching Blue Bloods because I caught an episode on TV from like season 3 and it was pretty good. I think there are 4 seasons and the first one was like 22 or 23 episodes. ...

Rigo's Kitchen :( - 14 days ago

[i]That being said, you have made complaints on Ku about the following restaurants:Chimichurri'sBrennan's of HoustonLucille's Fresh Catch KitchenRigo's Mexican RestaurantChez NousRaffa'sJohnny's Pizza...

Rigo's Kitchen :( - 14 days ago

The original poster has never had anything nice to say about any new place around here. Doesn't surprise me. When we have some extra cash we will definetly be trying it out and forming our own opini...

Blueherron scamming again? - 24 days ago

[i]From KDC...AND another loser goes on ignore. I may have to go to the Righteous Herron 1345's house to get my mellow on!!!@Jpgurl: I love @herron1345. Her posts and colors always brighten my day.@d...

Blueherron scamming again? - 25 days ago

I have been on both site for over 7 years. I've heard and seen it

Blueherron scamming again? - 25 days ago

It's her and no one is falling for it. She is wasting her time. The last time I saw her at the Chevron on the corner she was driving a different vehicle also so she is still conning people. I feel ...

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