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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-14, 8 years ago.

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[i]Sometimes it's "All free, free, free for only meeee, meeee, meeeeee!"?[/i] You are 100% correct. This family has been like this for the last 6 years we have known them. Always need to be highe...


That's the way some are. I just hope that the people that are running this realize the same people cheat year after year and don't give them all the prizes. I like the ones that they do with just th...


We have been out now for the last 38 minutes. We only saw 2 other people looking for the tops and one family hadn't found any. The second family I didn't speak to but they are the same ones that had m...

Christmas Toy Donation Sites - 37 days ago

I think NAPA and another business on the other side of North Park are taking them- I think. Could have sworn I saw signs.

Satellite VS Cable - 206 days ago

As Dr Aborto said lock in your price. We switched and it went up $50.00 after the contract was up. We haven't had issues. We lived here for 7 years in North Woodland Hills and it wasn't until last ...

Kroger clicklist website is live for Kroger at 59 and Northpark - 227 days ago

They have been doing this for over 15 years up north at Shop Rite. It seems to work fine for them. I loved it. Shop Rite was directly behind my job so I was able to put in my order at lunch time an...

School cafeteria not crediting payments made? - 241 days ago

I talked to my DD after reading this. We have had this happen in the past because I always send cash. She said the one and only time they gave her a receipt it had the wrong persons name on it and s...

I want to change cell phone providers... - 242 days ago

I can tell you that years ago I did a lot of research for the construction company I worked for after Ike. They relied on their service and had T-Mobile. We ended up switching everything to Verizon ...

Anybody interested in Direct TV? - 252 days ago

Make sure you really have a 2 year contract. We were told that we had a 2 year with the same price as you. After one year our bill is now 112. Had no idea last month what the charge was for because...

Car keyed @ HEB Kingwood - 274 days ago

Keying someones care is completely wrong but she didn't tell you the whole story like she did on the other site. She took his spot. He had his blinker on and was waiting and she decided to take it w...

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