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I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-17, 10 years ago.

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I'm guessing people finally got a life (including myself) - 275 days ago

personally the liberals don?t want an honest discussion. So it?s become a few loudmouths yelling and now it?s just yelling into a canyon. The vitriol has only escalated since trump Took office. There...

Mayor Turner's Grade: F - 1 years ago

I think he's been doing very well considering there was like 1 day to mobilize for a city of 6 million people.

Alspaugh employees giving out traffic tickets - 1 years ago

See the problem here is the volunteer is not law enforce the and cannot make a valid decision because they are not allowed to correct a situation. Had this been anywhere else with law inforcement we ...

Alspaugh employees giving out traffic tickets - 1 years ago

I don't know that I think it was specifically them but their employee. My personal opinion is they need to tell their employees not to do this in Their uniforms.

Alspaugh employees giving out traffic tickets - 1 years ago

I agree it was my bad because I was distracted and forgot to hang it. As it turns out this guy is not legally able to Ask me for id so that's why he could t stop writing the ticket. But like I told th...

Alspaugh employees giving out traffic tickets - 1 years ago

Yes you read this right. I was at starbucks today and have a handicapped permit on my car. I don't leave the placard up when i drive and i had forgot to put it on when I got out of my car. So this gu...

Gene Wilder has passed away. - 2 years ago

All i can think is I hope he and Gilda are reunited. She was his whole world.

A Quiet Flood - 2 years ago

Anyone know when San Jac is going to Crest. I was looking and it seems that in 94 it got to 66 ft. and that put the water at the intersection of Kingwood Drive and WLHP. Its at 61.85 right now. Al...

Needing GYN *only* in/near Kingwood area. - 2 years ago

I hear Dr. Carpenters office does GYN stuff.

Anyone need a job - 2 years ago


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