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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-16, 9 years ago.

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Texas Equasearch in front of Kingwoid? - 2 years ago

They did deceased. So sad.

A Quiet Flood - 2 years ago

I don't remember the exit of 1960 being closed before! It is now

$20K a month - 2 years ago

20k is not that much seriously taxes eat up a lot when you reach that 200k income Bracket The more you make the more they steal!

Austin's Tex-Mex at Green Oak and K'wood Dr. - 2 years ago

I would really welcome a healthy farm to market place in Kingwood instead of these junk food chains!

Shingles and chicken pox virus - 2 years ago

Both my children got chicken pox as children but also have gotten shingles. One got it down the nerve line on the back shoulder blade down. The other got it down the back leg nerve area down. It it's...

Anyone used NextCare on North Park? - 2 years ago

Used to use them all the time but switched to Medspring on Kingwood drive I like them better

Found newborn kittens greenbelt - 2 years ago

Yes we went out and bought formula for them and bottles.

Found newborn kittens greenbelt - 2 years ago

This morning a lady went into greenbelt she was acting funny I watched her and couldn't figure out what she was doing.. Well there was a female cat she says to me this story about finding her and that...

pool pump motor VFD - 2 years ago

We have it so I control our pool from our key pad or remote. I do not have to go outside to turn on anything. We do have a salt water pool too.

rheumatoid arthritis - 2 years ago

I wouldn't wish true RA on anyone my Dad had it was diagnosed at 26 disabled at 40 dead at 52. His knees were so bad he could not stand up or walk by 40 he was in a wheel chair. His hands closed up. ...

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