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Is it truly legal for a school to charge $15 to return a confiscated cell phone? - 5 years ago

I not sure if it still does, but at one time the money went to security camera upgrades for several middle schools

u wearin green? - 5 years ago


WTB: Book of Mormon tickets @ Hobby - 6 years ago

It was one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life! The price is worth it!

Is Atheism a religion? - 6 years ago

[i]If atheism is the non belief in any supreme being, then don't atheists believe that they are the most supreme being in the universe??[/i] I think for most, it's just something they don't bother ...

Sand Creek: Truck stolen from driveway - 6 years ago

Ford trucks have long been one of the most stolen vehicles in the Houston area. Sucks that that happened to you. (I think I shall go clean out the rest of my garage now, so I can fit both cars in ...

Whitney Houston's dd found unresponsive in the bathtub- - 6 years ago

dd = ?? I'm trying to keep a clean mind and not just go to bra size.

Lower gas prices r great unless... - 6 years ago

I really want to feel sorry for oil workers. I do sympathize a bit. But I'm seen many of my friends that had the quit their jobs when they couldn't afford the $4/gal commutes to work any longer.

Parents investigated for allowing kids to walk... - 6 years ago

I don't know that area that well. 6 seems a bit young to me but I know at 10 I was walking and cycling at least 3+ miles from home.

My Kindergartener is Smarter Than You - 6 years ago

Not sure about that Tylers. Texas doesn't use common core and I haven't seen a show like that around here yet!

Was there ever a time when people didn't lock their doors at night? - 6 years ago

Anytime anyone says anything like that I always think about how information is spread in today's world. 50 years ago if someone broke into a home 4 blocks away the news probably wouldn't get to me....

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