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Was there ever a time when people didn't lock their doors at night?

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them --- 6 years ago -

Whenever a burglary in Kingwood is reported inevitably someone states "This used to be a place where you didn't lock your doors at night". I call bullsh*t on that.

People have always locked their doors! Even out in the boonies on my granny's farm they locked the doors at night -- that was 50 years ago. 

andreweggplant --- 6 years ago -

There are still people in KW who NEVER lock their doors, even when they go on vacation etc. I personally know a few of them. I just would not feel right doing this. I have to lock them. 

Mayberry --- 6 years ago -

Yes, there still are...I still lock my doors and windows, but a number of folks here don't. We KNOW our neighbors and crime rate here is pretty non-existent. Could have something to do with the fact we all carry guns...and aren't afraid to use them. Oh how I love country life! 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

Back in early 80s there were times when I would leave unlocked while quick run to grocery...stupid now I think of, but just was not as much of worry back then. 

a889324uu --- 6 years ago -

When I lived in Japan, I never lock my doors, even when I came to the US on vacation for a month.
I think I might have even left a window cracked.
Japan doesn't have the American thievery mentality, so it was never a concern. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 6 years ago -

We have a place at Lake Livingston, and when we are there rarely lock the doors. Never had a problem. 

them --- 6 years ago -

Japan doesn't have the American thievery mentality, so it was never a concern.

Now that you lock your doors have you adopted this thievery mentality you speak of? 

B12Fan --- 6 years ago -

Anytime anyone says anything like that I always think about how information is spread in today's world.

50 years ago if someone broke into a home 4 blocks away the news probably wouldn't get to me. If it did it may take weeks or longer.

Now with every police report being online we can see things in near real time. Many people can't handle that and assume the world is getting worse. When most crime stats are actually getting better.

Too much information can be a paranoid thing for some. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

Yes. Before locks were invented. 

them --- 6 years ago -


Dammit soup! You got in the way of my clever gif. 

KingOfSomewhereHot --- 6 years ago -

I still don't. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

I'm stealing the thunder from your gif, Woodersen. 

them --- 6 years ago -

Why not lock your doors? It's not hard to do -- takes at most 5 seconds. Best of all if you win the bad-guy lottery and you hear the door rattling that'll give you time to arm yourself (or for the anti-gun crowd to call the police and wait). 

a889324uu --- 6 years ago -

Now that you lock your doors have you adopted this thievery mentality you speak of??

Who said I locked my doors now? 

whatchamacallit --- 6 years ago -

Too many times the thieves come in through an unlocked door or window. We keep everything locked. It may only give a couple more seconds to get prepared but those seconds could mean the difference between your life and the criminals. I would rather hear them knocking down my door than have them standing in the room with me before I know they are there and no time to prepare. No reason to tempt fate or make yourself easy prey. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

Why wouldn't you lock your doors? 

whatchamacallit --- 6 years ago -

One thing is for sure, if your doors are locked and someone breaks in, there will be evidence of it and you won't be accused of lying in wait! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

When I was a kid, we never locked anything- in the summer, we slept with just the screens to get some breeze- An alarm system? What was that? We played outside after dark to catch fireflys- 

Wicked --- 6 years ago -

We would never think of not locking and putting our alarm system on at night. We keep doors locked during the day. 

RedMulch --- 6 years ago -

I got an audible gasp from someone the other day when i revealed that i didn't have an alarm system. Unless you count the viscious dog that will take your arm off if you approach my

My childhood had locked doors, but not windows. They were often left open in the summer. Closed in winter, but not locked, as i recall. 

whatchamacallit --- 6 years ago -

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 21 min ago - quote - hide comments
When I was a kid, we never locked anything- in the summer, we slept with just the screens to get some breeze- An alarm system? What was that? We played outside after dark to catch fireflys-?

Us too but would never do that now!

When I was a child, I shared a room with my little sister. Her bed was right next to the window and one night when we were sleeping with the windows open, she woke up to someone standing there peeping at her through the window, right next to her!...wonder what would have happened if she hadn't woken up? Probably nothing but still, enough to make us move our beds around, put furniture in front of the windows and keep the window shut at night from then on! I think my parents were crazy for letting us do that to begin with!

We kept our doors wide open all day but locked up at night. We had no air conditioning (can you imagine) and lived in south Texas! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

Oh, crap! That's reallyy scary! No, I wouldn't, either. And I have an alarm system, too- 

sheddy --- 6 years ago -

Until I was in high school, we lived in a house in Oklahoma with only window air conditioners. We would open the windows at night and turn on the attic fan. I always slept with my head at the foot of the bed during the summer. We never locked our doors during the day, only at night. 

them --- 6 years ago -

While it's highly unlikely, almost nearly impossible intact, that this would happen to you or anyone you know, the story of Richard Chase will have you think twice before leaving your doors unlocked before you and your family go to bed...

Serial Killer Richard Chase

he attempted to enter the home of a woman but, finding that her doors were locked, walked away; Chase later told detectives that he took locked doors as a sign that he was not welcome, but that unlocked doors were an invitation to come inside.

The rest of the story can be found from the Wikipedia link posted above. Don't read it if you're squeamish. (no crime scene photos on the link, but the description is pretty bad). 

Leila --- 6 years ago -

My sister lives in a "smallish" town and leaves her doors unlocked all the time, even when leaving to run errands. It makes me so uncomfortable! Granted, they live on a street where everyone knows each other and all of their business but still, it is a risk no matter where you live. It just takes one thief or crazy person. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

Oh, thanks- this is as scary as American Horror Story! Something else to imagine at 3 am! Lol! 

them --- 6 years ago -

From a risk/reward perspective, what do people get out of not locking their doors when they go to sleep at night? Just not seeing the benefit there. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

A death wish, perhaps. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

Or maybe waiting with a shotgun to blow them back out the door! 

mamadog53 --- 6 years ago -

Before moving to Kingwood we lived in an old house in Dallas that had an attic fan. In the spring and fall we always kept the windows open at night with the attic fan going. We did lock the front door though. We always lock the doors here in Kingwood and never open the windows because the AC is always on. My SIL lives in the woods in East Texas and she never locks anything. I've always had dogs and never really worried about someone breaking in while I'm at home and them not knowing it. They growl when they hear the neighbors drive up in their driveway. LOL 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

Dogs are the best burglar alarm! 

Dorothy Parker --- 6 years ago -

I grew up in a small town where we never locked anything.

When I moved to the big city, I came in late one night, didn't lock the door behind me (out of habit) and a strange man walked in about 5 mins later. Thankfully, I lived with my Dad and he chased the creeper out...and I learned a HUGE lesson the hard way. I always lock doors behind me now, no matter what. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -


Emperor of Kingwood --- 6 years ago -

Yes, must have a dog to warn you and a couple good guns. 

mutton --- 6 years ago -

I have small dog but dam can he bark! Now son's pup we sit during day is sissy bark but oh so loud (and annoying) alert for sure. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 6 years ago -

Nothing detours a would be intruder like a barking dog and the sound of a 12 gauge being cocked 

them --- 6 years ago -

I have super duper locks and reinforced doors to buy me time and overall I really don't want to shoot someone, let alone inside my house. Who cleans the mess up? And you have to disclose a violent death occurred in the house when you sell it. 

Work in Progress --- 6 years ago -

I always spent summers at my grandparents' house where we never locked anything. But you know what? That tiny town still had a serial killer come through, and a different drug addict (also passing through) that murdered my grandmother's friend. I've never experienced any where CLOSE to that level of evil in the big cities!

I guess the thing is, they knew everyone and trusted them, but evil can still visit! 

Undecided 01 --- 6 years ago -

That's pretty crazy WIP ! But yea things can happen anywhere with all the evil going on in the world today 

a889324uu --- 6 years ago -

Dogs are the best burglar alarm!?

LOL, um NO 

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