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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-23, 2 years ago.

» save Mayberry as my FRIEND - HOSER

No longer in the life is where it's at!

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POLL: Married with separate bedrooms - 8 hours ago

We have separate living rooms - he watches his shows and I watch mine. The only time we don't sleep together is if one of us is sick.

TMJ anyone? - 11 hours ago

Have had TMJ for years. Tried the $1,000 splint from dentist - worthless. Have just learned to sleep on my back and reduce stress in my life!

How the fight started: - 1 days ago

I want whatever Bob is having

Looking for companion caretaker in my home in KW for six to eight weeks - 1 days ago

As a former Homecare owner (that provided the type of help you are inquiring about) I'm asking you...PLEASE do not advertise for help on the Internet. Too many people take advantage of situations lik...


Hands down - Brent McQueen. He did my lens replacements. I was terrified - he is awesome!

The GOP's 2016 Golden Boys - 5 days ago

No more career politicians for me. To get my vote, you need to have earned a living in the REAL world. You also need to agree to term limits - across the board. Get rid of all the lifers ... Clear ...

Who was that on the Presidents podium? - 5 days ago

Can't help you, saw the usual swagger and changed the channel.

POLL: If Jon Huntsman ran for president as an Independent, would you vote for him? - 5 days ago

No - no way

Word game....... - 5 days ago


I know i am wrong - 6 days ago


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