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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-08, 11 years ago.

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Religious group's controversial billboard - 15 hours ago

I like the billboard. It tells the truth.

Who Likes Pimento Cheese? - 15 hours ago

Yes, stay away from cheaper or store brands, Prices is anything but slimy, it's really good...with jalapenos, it's great!

Who Likes Pimento Cheese? - 18 hours ago

I like the one with jalepeno! And yes, it's got to be Ritz.

Wacko Portland Liberals eat their own - - 1 days ago

So, while I'm on vacation, I go to eat at a Mexican, or whatever kind of place. I eat the food,compliment the chef, ask what is in the recipe, visit the kitchen and consequently, I figure out what I t...

Wacko Portland Liberals eat their own - - 2 days ago

As long as idiot, backward liberals roam the earth, there will be plenty hypocrisy for all of us to hate. Seriously, were those tortillas patented? White guilt has come of age!

The Left's Terrorism Response Guide - 3 days ago

Karras, you're right. The left thinks if you ignore that Radical Islamic Terrorists exist, that it won't happen here, to us but they are wrong.

And the Manchester Terrorists name is not John is.... - 3 days ago

What I find totally absurd is that people can get more upset at a person who dares to speak the truth about the matter than they can muster at the people doing the wrong. Think about it. All I ...

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 3 days ago

Remove them, like the cancer they are.

And the Manchester Terrorists name is not John is.... - 3 days ago

The truth, no matter how disgusting, is still the truth. What religion are the vast majority of this scum that is blowing people up? Can you answer? Not without admitting the truth. Of cour...

And the Manchester Terrorists name is not John is.... - 3 days ago

[i]Dorothy Parker --- 2 min ago - quote - hide comments Would it be better if he had yelled Jesus Christ?? Wtf is wrong with you??[/i] I should be asking you that question. Surely you are not ...

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