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Now Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault - 4 days ago

Whores, that's a great description as many of these women are, at a minimum, attention whores. What else do they hope to gain from coming forward en-mass to accuse so many, after so long? No statute o...

A sheriff gone too far - 5 days ago

Although in very poor taste, the truck owner has every right to his opinion and to make it known. The sheriff needs to remember that he is there to enforce the laws, not try to bend them to fit his ag...

Brad and Angie - 13 days ago

Their actions are what tells me what they are. After all, we are what we do.

POLL: HOV - 14 days ago

If you are already going the speed limit, either speed up a little or just ignore the dumbasses breathing down your neck. You should never drive faster than you are comfortable driving, especially if ...

NYC Terror Attack - 14 days ago

lol must have hit a nerve!

NYC Terror Attack - 14 days ago

[i]AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 11 sec ago - quote - hide comments Why? I'm only thinking of your health!?[/i] lol, I am fine. You really need to worry about yourself.

NYC Terror Attack - 14 days ago

[i]AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 11 min ago - quote - hide comments Wow, whatcha! You've gone off on 3 threads in 20 minutes! Not healthy!?[/i] You don't really want to go there.

Another one bites the dust!!!! - 14 days ago

[i]Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has profited handsomely from a shipping company with business ties to Vladimir V. Putin?s family?[/i] Did he make as much as the Clinton's did by selling out the...

Another one bites the dust!!!! - 14 days ago

[i]Miss Understanding --- 11 min ago - quote - hide comments Betsy De Voe is going to resign! I am hysterical here as they are dropping like flies on poop.?[/i] Who the hell is that?

Brad and Angie - 14 days ago

Are both disgusting excuses for human beings.

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