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Recommendations for parent taught driver education course - 42 days ago

Drivers Ed in a Box worked great for us!

Teen couple - 51 days ago

Oh that is so sad and they were so young. Kids seem to be too trusting, especially those that are raised in neighborhoods with low crime rates. They think it is that way everywhere! It is true, hu...

Remember word games? - 55 days ago


Remember word games? - 55 days ago


Parents/Summer Day babysitters: What do you pay/earn? - 63 days ago

On you can read about sitters, including their hourly rate and their experience, etc., a good way to at least know a little something about them before they interview. They also have backgrou...

Guard Dogs not armed Teachers - 69 days ago

I can see having trained dogs gates that have to be passed to enter the school. Like the ones that have metal detectors. If you don't have weapons or haven't been making your own ammo, there would be ...

Gun KARMA - 69 days ago

WTH? Can't you find anything newer than this to complain about? That article is over 2 years old and not even credible to begin with, having come from Daily News, way back in 2016!

Found Mostly White Female Short Haired Dog Hunters Ridge - 93 days ago

Owner located!

Found Mostly White Female Short Haired Dog Hunters Ridge - 94 days ago


Night and Day - 94 days ago

Dinesh D'Souza

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