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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-08, 13 years ago.

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Estados Unidos - 50 days ago

Tamale Enchilada?

Lock her up - 55 days ago

She really is beautiful! And that may be the smartest thing he ever said but... Lock her up. In my bedroom! Sounds perverted! Of course, for some, holding her against her will may be the only...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! - 57 days ago

A great day! Now it's off to bed early as the turkey is making me comatose!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! - 58 days ago

Thank you! I wish you all the same, a Happy Thanksgiving, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but especially NO FAMILY DRAMA!

Lock her up - 59 days ago

Did Ivanka scrub her hard drive and lie about it? Did she expose classified government documents to unscrupulous foreigners? And risk their interception by any hacker on the internet? Did Ivanka funn...

Every picture tells a story - 59 days ago

Of course it's old news! Judas started the thread and had posted an old picture of Trump and Melania from way back. Because Trump had his arm around her and she was dressed in seductive attire and lo...

Every picture tells a story - 60 days ago


Parents: Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online - 60 days ago

Have you had a conversation with an 18 year old American, lately? I know it's not nice to generalize but the majority of those I have met and interacted with that are in the 15 to 20 range do not ...

Parents: Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online - 60 days ago

I feel so bad for him and his family! This is another example of why 18 should never be considered an adult. Maybe 25 would be closer to reality?

Dressing - 60 days ago

Yes it seems gross to me to put raisins in dressing but that is my deceased MIL's recipe. She was Hispanic and even put raisins in tamales which I also can't deal with!

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