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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-08, 13 years ago.

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Kingwood Has A Serious Mail Theft Problem. - 17 days ago

I am missing a package at this time. It happens often but eventually it always shows up. Humble post office is the worst with Kingwood coming a close second. If you look it up online Humble is listed ...

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 25 days ago

[i]Whoopi is awesome!!! She put judge bimbo in her place. Hats off to Whoopi.?[/i] Seriously Mark? WTH did you watch or smoke? Also, Whoopi displaying her psychotic nature did not come off as he...

FDR Collusion With Russia - 26 days ago

Don't you know, he evidence gathered against Trump is classified as need to know basis? You would think they would let Muller in on it though, especially after 18 months of him digging around and comi...

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 26 days ago

Why would Judge Pirro lie? Whoopi (What kind of name is that, anyway?) is nothing to anyone or to this country other than a second rate performer. Certainly not worth making up stories about, is she?

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 31 days ago

I'm not outraged in the least, not even surprised at liberal's ignorant and wasteful behavior. That is business as usual for them. I am hoping that they continue with this farce and keep beating th...

12 Charged - Obama Was Wrong - 32 days ago

No, it wasn't, it served it's intended purpose of discrediting Trump and his campaign. Thankfully, it was not successful enough to get Hillary elected. Seriously, yes, it was a waste of our time and ...

***I Am Looking For A Walking Buddy In Mills Branch Village*** - 33 days ago

I have a treadmill with a desk so I can walk and watch TV or browse the internet. Great for when you can't get out because of the weather or if you don't like walking alone or like to exercise when it...

Melanias 800$ shoes - 33 days ago

[i]Michelle Obama and attractive should never be mentioned in the same sentence.?[/i] You are so right!

Melanias 800$ shoes - 34 days ago

[i]Miss Understanding --- 4 hours ago - quote - hide comments Her shoe choices are fine and she deserves to be left alone. She didn't take the money to pay for them out of taxpayer dollars so it's no...

Melanias 800$ shoes - 35 days ago

I like them but would never wear them, I like Sketchers too! That's cheap, they were $800 not 800$.If you want to see expensive shoes look at Angelina Jolie's choices. Besides Melania is married t...

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