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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-08, 16 years ago.

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Dressing - 3 years ago

We do southern homemade cornbread dressing with onions, celery, drippings, chicken broth, some white bread mixed in, butter,sage and something else. I think I'm forgetting right now but no to the oyst...

Snow! - 3 years ago


Something is a'brewin' - 3 years ago

[i]non-binary, gender fluid, perpetual victim rainbow bear [/i] If you shopped it diligently you could probably even get one with an optional pussy hat to wear on the days that his feminine side ...

Bob Woodward on CNN's lawsuit - 3 years ago

CNN comes off as more of the equivalent of a gossip column than a legit news outlet.

Snow! - 3 years ago

Well, I was outside bringing in my plants and it was snowing for about 3 seconds! If it has to be this cold I say it should really snow, otherwise what is the point? lol

Lowe's Home Improvement Closing 51 Stores - 3 years ago

So glad the Kingwood location is staying! I much prefer them to Home Depot.

Kavanaugh - 3 years ago

Did you hear about all that money that was donated to Kavanaugh on, I think it was a gofundme account? He's giving it to charity! What a despicable person he is!

Coming from a point of neutrality polically, ... - 3 years ago

I don't like his personal style (or the lack thereof), myself. I still cringe at some of the stuff he says and does but I agree with most of his policies and he does try to do what he said he would do...

Woman Discovers Husband is a Viscious Internet Troll - 3 years ago

The inability of some people to understand plain English never fails to astound me. If a man is an ahole at work, it is fault no matter his situation at home, if he lets his woman rule him at home ...

Woman Discovers Husband is a Viscious Internet Troll - 3 years ago

That's great. So am I but that does not make me blind to what I have witnessed from friends and co-workers.

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