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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-12, 11 years ago.

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Senior Portraits - 5 years ago

Shannon Dezell Photography did my DD's senior pictures as well as a lot of kids from KPark. Very good and reasonably priced.

I want a gun - 5 years ago

[i]2) Getting a conceal carry with a revolver, though nice for conceal carry, will limit you to only having a license to carry a revolver. If you get a conceal carry with a semi-auto you will be able ...

Republican Massive Implosion Begins showcasing their Thievery & Lies - 5 years ago

[i]One thing that has been established over the years is that Cruz will stomp all over anyone's toes if it will advance his career.?[/i] And your point? They all step on toes to get what they wa...

I want a gun - 5 years ago

[i]I alternate my EDC (every day carry) between my Ruger LC9 and the 9MM Beretta PX4 Storm-sub compact. The Ruger conceals nicely compared to the Beretta, but the long trigger pull on the Ruger lea...

Two concealed carry patrons stop armed robbery - 5 years ago

It says the robbers turn their backs, that doesn't necessarily mean the threat was over. As long as there is a perceived threat, they patrons were within their rights to shoot

I want a gun - 5 years ago

I carry a Sig Sauer .380 (sometimes my .22 LR) ...its easy to conceal, very smooth. Emperor is right, see how difference weapons fit your hand. Might even go to a gun range and ask to try out differ...

Husband's MAC became road kill, but thanks to the person who found it! - 6 years ago

[i]Thanks for the input Sheddy...he bought it directly from Apple, so he is off to the Apple store later today! SwimSwim-Aw, I am so glad this thread reached your husband. Please tell him THANK YOU ag...

Husband's MAC became road kill, but thanks to the person who found it! - 6 years ago

Hey! That was my husband that found the computer while he was out on his walk. He's a good guy, I'll let him know about this thread!

Caitlyn steps out in a little black dress! - 6 years ago

Never been a big fan of sling backs, personally I would have gone with a strappy sandal, but that's just me

Bruce is now "Caitlyn". Now unlocked.... - 6 years ago


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