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I joined this crazy place on 2011-11-16, 2 years ago.

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What are some life rules you live by? - 159 days ago

[i][b]Question everything[/b][/i]

TX school tosses 6th grader’s breakfast in trash after he can’t pay 30 cents - 159 days ago

More progressives whining and pretending they care about the kids... his breakfast was already subsidized to cost $0.30 but the parents never made sure their kid had the money for breakfast; bad paren...

Economy is booming - it's time everyone went back to work and off the dole - 159 days ago

You're right Randle, the numbers aren't hard to understand. Most people keep going back to the benefits (nice bold emphasis job, but let me fix it). [i]The majority of families who leave the welfar...

"Wendy Davis Redefines ‘Pro-Life,’ Enrages Anti-Choicers" - 159 days ago

“I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the...

Verdict is in - 276 days ago

[i]But go ahead and ASSume what I would do or say if the case had been different. Considering I wouldn't know you if I fell over you on the street, I'm sure you'd know best, right? Idiot. [/i] [i]...

Verdict is in - 276 days ago

[i]Maybe. Unlike you I didn't have my party supplies ready and waiting for this verdict. It's a sad case. A teenager is dead. Only a sick twisted person who find anything to celebrate in this mess... ...

Verdict is in - 276 days ago

[i]Nothing to celebrate here, move along. [/i] Sounds like something someone would say if they didn't get their way.

Verdict is in - 276 days ago

Hahaha.. Al Sharpton talking about "what the next steps will be" in the quest for justice... He was found not guilty pal... give it up.

Verdict is in - 276 days ago

Turn it on MSNBC if you want to hear them cry about it.

7on7 men's football - 318 days ago

I haven't seen hardly any organized sports for adults in Kingwood whether we are talking baseball, football, soccer, or basketball. It stinks.

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