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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-20, 3 years ago.

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At what age do kids go in the wrong direction? - 31 days ago

Just as soon as they are the smartest poeple in the world and know everything - especially a lot more than you. It seems to go away somewhere in the 20's

sites while driving to Maine - 68 days ago

I went in my motorhome, I95 mostly. Highways, especially in NJ/NY area were rough enough to tear up the suspension. We stayed mostly ay KOA campgrounds. Small, family ownded, helpful, and in semi...

I blew out my shoulder again - 146 days ago

been there, done that. It is OK until I forget and pichup or move something I should have left be. Almost out of Vicodin and won't give me anymore :(

Internet Download/Upload Speed - Suddenlink - 173 days ago

I get 50 on direct connection of computer to modem. When I test using WIFI and the 12 or so items attachedn to it, I get 25 - 35 depending on total usage.

Humble guns and ammo - 175 days ago

I prefer the one in Atascocita by Vernon's Meat Market.

Beware! SandCreek Village - 191 days ago

My guess would be a wireless router scanner.

Between the Oaks Farm - 217 days ago

I checked nto it. Thry grow too much stuff that my non adventous family would east. So passed.

REWARD: Vandalized Christmas Decorations! - 264 days ago

Don't hold your breath.

what do you think? re-name Christmas? - 293 days ago

What it was not long ago, and what it is now are very different. Anymore it is just absolute commercialization, same as most 'holidays'.

Going back to Cali.. - 302 days ago


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