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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-20, 6 years ago.

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Primary Care Physician - 1 years ago

Anyone have a recommedation for a good GP or PCP.

Farmer Bill - 1 years ago

He posts on FB. Only has tomatoes imported from Tenneesee. The floods got his crop.

Cannabis IS medicine - 2 years ago

LPretty good pain killer.

Joe's Crab Shack - 2 years ago

Been a long time since I was there. Be a longer time before I return.

At what age do kids go in the wrong direction? - 2 years ago

Just as soon as they are the smartest poeple in the world and know everything - especially a lot more than you. It seems to go away somewhere in the 20's

sites while driving to Maine - 2 years ago

I went in my motorhome, I95 mostly. Highways, especially in NJ/NY area were rough enough to tear up the suspension. We stayed mostly ay KOA campgrounds. Small, family ownded, helpful, and in semi...

I blew out my shoulder again - 3 years ago

been there, done that. It is OK until I forget and pichup or move something I should have left be. Almost out of Vicodin and won't give me anymore :(

Internet Download/Upload Speed - Suddenlink - 3 years ago

I get 50 on direct connection of computer to modem. When I test using WIFI and the 12 or so items attachedn to it, I get 25 - 35 depending on total usage.

Humble guns and ammo - 3 years ago

I prefer the one in Atascocita by Vernon's Meat Market.

Beware! SandCreek Village - 3 years ago

My guess would be a wireless router scanner.

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