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I joined this crazy place on 2012-03-30, 10 years ago.

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The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 4 years ago

[i]Let's be clear. I'm in favor of all gun sale or transfers having to take place at a licensed dealer.[/i] I agree with this to a point. If there could be a different mechanism for succesorship. W...

Nevada shooting - 4 years ago

[i]Keep your gun. But, stop telling everyone it's to protect yourself. Unless you are in a gang or the drug trade, not likely.[/i] I am neither in a gang nor the drug trade and have used a gun to p...

Florescent Lighting fixture - 4 years ago

It's easy to roll the pins on one end so that it does not make a connection. Just redo until you feel the pin kinda pop in. If its not the bulbs then probably the ballast, it gives a high voltage jolt...

I bet this guy wishes he could take a knee - 4 years ago

[i]Not even our little kangaroo buddy can help... [/i] Couldn't hurt

Texas #18 State With the Most Guns - 4 years ago

I believe that number was generated from back ground checks/completed sales. I am not sure how long back ground data has been compiled, but am sure there was quit a few before that are still around. I...

Well done Texas - Liberal California fails at fighting poverty, conservative Texas succeeds - 4 years ago

[i]In Texas, it is around 2%. [/i] Also Tx does not have Income tax nor some the other taxes Ca has.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 4 years ago

[i]Now that you mention it, I haven't seen that being done at all, this summer. I wonder if they discontinued that service? [/i] We are still getting it twice a week in GTV. Well we were before th...

Mayor Turner wants to raise property taxes - 4 years ago

[i]Maybe they could stop spending money on stupid stuff. [/i] ^^^^^^^This!

Kingwood History Help - 4 years ago

This has been a fun read, I don't remember the grade crossing at 59 but do remember when KWD or NP or both crossed over 59 instead of under. I think my first coming to KW was about 84. Seems like KWD ...

Ice Maker issue... - 4 years ago

It's been close to a year since it crapped out. I'm feeling adventurous, I think I'll put it back together and turn the water back on. Buying ice is getting old!

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