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Missing heelers -They are home! :))))))) - 3 years ago

Our 2 heelers got out of our yard on Park Garden this morning and we havent been able to find them and they havent returned. One is red and the other is blue. Both have collars but not sure if our #ta...

2 heelers lost -Hunters Ridge area- they r home - 4 years ago

They both just came home.

Loud bang in Hunters ridge - 4 years ago

Transformer blew. We have no power. Been happening a lot lately. Our first time without power but we hear them blow about once a month.

our electric contract with Gexa ends soon. can you please - 4 years ago

I have been with Gexa for over 8 yes. Just renewed 7.5/2 year contract.

Homeschool Groups in Kingwood?? - 4 years ago

Thank you all so much! Great information👍 exactly what I was looking for.

Homeschool Groups in Kingwood?? - 4 years ago

Dorothy - Because I felt it was best for my children. Mutton-Thanks! Dotti-I got it! Appreciate the info 😀 Jt- I will look into that!! Sounds fantastic.

Are gypsies safe to date? - 4 years ago

Have you asked him maybe about family traditions? With holidays coming up should be an easy convo. Traditional Gypsys have a rowdy reputation for many reasons but they all can't be bad people. Checkin...

Homeschool Groups in Kingwood?? - 4 years ago

We are on a homeschool program already. Looking for a group for park days and the social aspect of it all. My children aren't "antisocial" by any means but having friends schooling the way they do wou...

Homeschool Groups in Kingwood?? - 4 years ago

I have only been able to find one local hm school group (HEART). Does anyone know of any others? I need to pic someone's brain. We started over the summer and I have lots of questions and would live t...

Is your electric out too??? - 5 years ago

We're still out in Hunters Ridge.

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