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I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-26, 4 years ago.

» save Judas as my FRIEND - HOSER

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. -- Ernest Hemingway

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How many of you are loving this Putin regime tactic - 2 days ago

TOP STORIES ?If they caught him, they will get to me?: Gay men in Russia?s Chechnya region are being lured into weeks of government torture Friday, April 21, 2017 11:32 AM EDT It was su...

Diet Sodas, no Bueno - 2 days ago

[i]People who drink diet sodas daily have three times the risk of stroke and dementia compared to people who drink one less than once a week, researchers reported Thursday.[/i] While I agree di...

Trump Wins Again! Trump Gets Imprisoned American Freed from Egypt! - 2 days ago

Osama Bin Laden

Religion of Peace at it again: Terrorist Attack in Paris - 2 days ago

Bigots at it again slamming anything that doesn't walk and talk exactly like they do.

I'm kinda liking this wet spring - 2 days ago

Trump likes em wet also.

O'Reilly is HISTORY! FIRED BIG TIME! - 3 days ago

[i]Well to add insult to injury, he's gonna get a years pay...up to 25M. Lol. [/i] You think this is funny. Refer to last line of previous comment.

O'Reilly is HISTORY! FIRED BIG TIME! - 3 days ago

[i]filthy mouthed, grabbers[/i] Sag removed the P word. Jesus Christ gimme a break. How prudish. It's all right for the president to say it but not all right for KU's ears, the RWNJ's that go...

I'm kinda liking this wet spring - 3 days ago

It was a wet spring the last two years. No thing new here. At least no flooding this year.

School Board voting - 3 days ago

[i]I have spoken to Rehak [/i] LOLOLOLOL @ Ray (remember him? the one who posted all the pictures of way overweight, half-unclothed women

New poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump's lies - 3 days ago

The remaining believers all post here. Should we name them off or is it obvious to everyone?

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